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Atlantic Pacf.
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Mar 23, 2016
Jul 20, 2012
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Atlantic Pacf.

Back from the dead

Atlantic Pacf. was last seen:
Mar 23, 2016
    1. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
    2. adhiraj.bose
      Hi, check the latest post in tryst with destiny. I want you to tell me if its ok with you. PM me after you've read it.
    3. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Will you be writing some stories for Ironclad Oath?
    4. TheNoob
      Ok Atlantic it's been brought up in my group for Polynesia on bringing Dr. Strangelove into it somehow and I was kind of interested in doing it.

      But first off, I'd need some suggestions from you on how to do it, seeing as you're doing a whole inter-AAR alternate reality story here with him and others.
    5. VGL
      Hi,would you like a ministerial position in my story?
    6. adhiraj.bose
      Additionally, Mahant Yogesh is not a time traveller. He's just one of the few who still know the secrets of Karma yoga which allows him to live a long life.
    7. adhiraj.bose
      Hi, you need to correct your story. The current dynasty is Satavahana, the previous dynasty was Maurya. Cross check it with the first post in the first page, I have given a list of dynasties up to the present one starting with Samrat Satakarni also known as Sri Satakarni.
    8. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      If you like Rembrandt (who doesn't?), you should check out my favorite artist, Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar.
    9. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      +1 Royal Tenenbaum Cookie for Outstanding Movie Tastes

      and accept my friend request already
    10. TheNoob
      Oh my lord I remember the North Korean "juice" :lol: That was absolutely great

      Terrible it was used to commit suicide, though. RIP
    11. DKVM
      Can you please vote Autocracy in the "A Tryst with Destiny" IAAR.
    12. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Finally got around to adding in the Downfall post. By the way, who are you voting for?
    13. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      I will get around to fixing the link, but on the subject of the Lockwood story not being put on the OP, it doesn't fit with what I envision.
    14. BenZL43
      Hi! Actually, I can't reply for these several days... because of these stupid servers that host CFC that don't allow me to log in for a long time. Dunno but I got "website not available" when loading this site very often.

      I'm in a holiday now. Probably it's better if we talk over e-mail (which is more stable and easier than using these visitor messaging). Here's my email: benzl43@live.com

      Generally speaking, I think most Indonesian are apathy to it. Not only because it's sort of pathetic and mal-functioning, it's also ineffective and counter-productive. About the new UHC system, I can't really say, since it's only around 1 months ++ but generally I don't really like it. I'll tell you why in the email (it's gonna be a long explanation lol)
    15. BenZL43
      Hi! Off course I don't mind. Feel free to ask me, I'll help answer if I can. Probably you should ask Reus as well~ I'm not the only Indonesian around here, just found out recently lol.

      What project are you working on?
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    Winner of "Baseballpie's 'Good Taste in Music' Cookie" (even though I don't listen to Freddie Mercury) :culture: :culture: :culture:

    Winner of Royal Tenenbam's "'Outstanding Movie Tastes' Cookie" (even though I never watched Dr. Strangelove either)