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Ayn Rand
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  • We've started planning early to take the crown of CFC next election. I'm not running again, so I'm currently moderator of the CCC (Civfanatics conservative committee) to pick the next president of CFCOT. I'm assuming you'd be interested in supporting a conservative candidate again, so check the social groups section if you'd like to get involved. For the record, if you'd like to run yourself, just find someone to support you and get in there:p (I myself am not giving any endorsements, due to being impartial moderator.)
    I missed your comment two months ago!

    When I first posted, it was just a joke, but now as you probably know we actually have a CFC campaign going on. I'm hoping you'll be able to vote (Not sure when the vote is going to be, it'll start either on Sept 14 or Sept 21, but either way there will be a week to send in your vote, so you don't need to be on the day of the election to vote.
    I was defending the concept of meritocracy, it wouldn't bother me if the meritocratic elite were all black and female, all white and male, all Japanese, all Jewish or some other mixture of anything else.

    However, it bothers some people. For some people, the ethnic make-up of the meritocracy matters very much. I like to puncture the bubble of total BS that is the thinly-disguised racism and sexism of the left/feminist movements, and to bring in the cold light of objective facts to see how they squirm in defence of their stereotyping and prejudice.
    Why, I am forced to ask, do you, with all your ethnonationalist obsessions, even pretend to be an "Objectivist"? Does it just sound that tiny, measly bit cooler than "Powellite"?
    Yo Dom! Yep, I totally support it - what are you going to be President of, and are the commies trying to stop you?
    That makes sense.

    I'll be the first to admit it might just be religious grounds making me oppose it, but as I said in some other thread about pornography, you need to be old enough to realize you are going to ruin your life before you do it.

    And, I'm under 18 myself saying that.
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