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  • Lack of description? Eh... Well, it's a bit vague, but not as extremist as the Blue Jay NPC... Fine, I'll send the orders to LH.
    I don't like the lack of description for Rostov Foundation, but I'll agree just to get our parties along.
    Because, we have a strong NPC in St. Petersburg (The Blue Jay). In Rosotov, we don't have strong NPCs. Therefore, I'd like you to run there instead.
    I thought I told you to run for Rosotov! I do not approve you running for St. Petersburg.
    Some questions for Catherine on my behalf if you dont mind:
    1. How extensive is your education?
    2. Have you learned how to fight?
    3. What do you know about the higher levels of the Russian govt?
    4. Do you have contacts/friends in the Russian government?
    5. Are there any family members that you care for in Russia? Friends?
    6. Where do you plan to go from here?
    7. Would you consent to have government protection during your stay in England?
    8. Are you Buddhist?
    9. What is your understanding of the current situation?
    10. Do you want to be an immortal politician?
    11. Do you aspire to rule Russia if given the chance?
    12. Do you know what they were working on in the Valhalla facility?
    13. What's your favorite color?
    It depends what you mean by implicated... all we need is one Ukrainian surviving to tell the Russians that we helped destroy Valhalla and we will be implicated that way. There are too many variables to cover everything in this case.

    If we were a little more advanced we could have given Catherine a vaccination and then poisoned the complex where she is held, killing everyone but her.

    The easiest way of winning is just to try and slaughter the Ukrainians and save the girl... the safest way, and least likely to implicate us, would probably be to cause so much chaos no-one knows what is going on.

    Leak information to the Arabs so they bring a force in. Then back-stab the Ukrainians to get Catherine out. Leak information to the Russians about the Arabians targeting Valhalla to implicate them and get them to fight while we escape.

    Sure, I can allways arrange a bomb of some kind in Avalon while the MiB are away. in case of Counter Strikes. But if you are talking about some help for Arya i'm not sure if they could get there in time you would have to check with LH.
    Sure. Do you want me to lead it personally or just send the HDO?

    Good luck to Athers and whatever the hell he is doing. He'll be missing the action.
    Actually i would rather be foriegn affairs, but if you need me to be military minister i can do both.
    Did you ever think about telling the rest of the coalition that you were going to make a cabinent made up of both coalitions? Im not complaining, and even though i dont like it, it would have been nice to at least been notified.
    I thought it would be safer for Ravus to be it this term, and then let me run for prez next term. That way, since we know people are going to oppose me being in the admin at all, they can at least see that im not in a position of 'influence'.
    I PMed Ravus about it last night. No response. We still have time though. Doesnt end till saturday.

    I think your the candidate and Ravus is the VP.
    Where you are president?

    Ask Ravus. But i really want to be president so i can 'redeem myself'. And, because i have experience in negotiating with LH. If we take out caesar (best option) then LH will negotiate with the prez on rome. I also want to re-emerge on the major political stage. Yes, i technically am, but since ive been prez, my opinion has been low among other people. I want to change that.

    But im of the opinion that if im not prez then Ravus should be. Sorry, its just that i think Ravus is better suited to handling this.
    I dont like progressives because of what they are doing in the usa, my country. Im only 14, and even i can see the damage they are doing. Basicly progressives here are liberal nuts bordering on socialism.

    The base ideal of ANY progressive is that new is better. but new is not always better. Sometimes its best to keep your old things. If it aint borke, dont fix it.
    We don't have maps, the land is unscouted, your options is to assist in the siege of Hippo, with 2 archers defending it and 2 preats already laying siege to the city, or to participate in the siege of Thebes, which has 2 warriors defending it and a blitz promoted HA attacking.
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