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    CAMELOT! v.2 - Fix Download URL

    The download URL formerly pointed to AtomicGamer, which is down. Now you can download this scenario again!
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    CAMELOT! v.2 - Fix download link

    The link broke when AtomicGamer went down; now you can download this scenario again.
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    CAMELOT! v.2 - Fix download URL

    The download broke when AtomicGamer went down; now you can download this scenario again.
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    AI Expansion

    The Prince level of difficulty is supposedly even steven between the human player & the AI. Yet it seems to me that the AI is able to expand, to build new cities at a much greater rate than the human player. So what gives?
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    Tech Tree Help

    Only in that it gave me the idea for the title. Really it's a fantasy scenario in which there are bad guys, Dragons, Orcs & Goblins, and there are good guys, Men, Elves, Dwarves & Halflings. It will be a combination Regicide & Reverse Capture the Flag game with some elements that I hope make...
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    CCM1 (epic mod)

    Territory is secure. Mostly done with the 3rd age. And I'm winning. :D
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    CCM1 (epic mod)

    I'm playing Pangea, 60% water; Climate, normal; Temperature, temperate; Age, 4 billion; Barbarians, roaming, Nubia; Regent, AI Aggresion, normal. As I looked back, I realized that I had switched gov'ts from Monarchy to Republic which stopped the Royal Tounament from working, but the comment...
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    CCM1 (epic mod)

    I am in the middle of the second age and am liking the mod very much. It's very complete and innovative. I'm not too fond of the Enslavers and the other invisible units as they can sneak up on me too easily, especially in the early going; too hard to defend against, especially as the AI can...
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    Preview: Plains Forest

    Yes, I am a detail sort of guy. It is nice to be seen every once in a while. Thanks for noticing.
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    Strip audio from video

    I am always trying to find better sound tracks to replace the standard Civ stuff. It's generally a chore because it's difficult to find free, downloadable music on the web. Well, I stumbled on something yesterday that I think is terrific. It's a free program that can be downloaded off...
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    Preview: Plains Forest

    Especially as most plains type trees are not conifers, but deciduous.
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    Is there any way to implement events in civ3?

    Plotinus' scenario, Rood & Dragon, does a fair job of timing an influx of Viking marauders into Britain. He does it by putting a huge number of immobile, very high defense value units in the Vikings' city. They will then build only offensive units. They have their own tech line that gets them...
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    We need some decent popHeads

    I've never found any Popheads that are satisfactory. When I made CAMELOT!, I was left with having a medieval Britain scenario that would occasionaly show a Chinese pophead. :cry:
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    Adding/Specifying Custom Music for Civ3

    I used Audacity to edit all the music files for CAMELOT! but found it didn't always export properly, leading to CTD. Eventually, at Plotinus reccommendation, I burned all the tracks to a CD, then ripped them back off in one big chunk with RealPlayer. That got them to work. This is also the...
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    That would be yes.

    That would be yes.
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