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  • I'm making an RFC mod of India and I wanted to thank you for the units. Thanks!
    Bakuel, I love your work, but why do you have to use different animations for the same type of unit? Because of this, I sometimes couldn't tell between swordsmen and axemen in a flash.

    Can't you just use the vanilla animations for your units? Thanks.
    Hey Bakuel!
    Just wanted you to know, that almost all of your hungarian units found themselves a good place in RFC Europe :)
    Hi, my first post in this forum.
    Sorry for language brevity. 1000 chr$ allowance. Am Not programmer.

    Downloaded your Hungarian Middle Age Worker, needs vanilla moves.
    Defined unit as a MidlleEraWorker in UnitInfos and ArtDefines.
    Pointed kfm and fx.nif vectors to Vanilla PRGRM Worker's files = pink half blobs.
    Vectoring incorrect art files not seen.
    2nd approach.
    Copied all kf and nif files of Vanilla Worker into same file as y'r WorkerUnit.
    Re-wrote kfm and _Fx.nif vectors to file pointing at Vanilla workers kfm & FX.nif
    Changed shadow entry pointing Hungarian Worker's .nif file.
    Most interesting. A completely pink fully animated ancient worker throwing 2 black shadows of the Hungarian Workers "skin shape".:eek:
    Do kot know enough nor able to find anwers after a day trawling the Forum. I mes'ge. u hoping for solt'n.

    Hope u might help,
    Hello. I'm korean. I want you to know what the korean Armors are. so I want to send a zip-file to you. I know it's very forward of me to ask you, but do you see these images I attached.
    These files I attached are Images about Korean Armors and so on.
    I think It'll come in pretty handy when you're making unit graphics.
    I'm sorry for bothering you. Goodbye.
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