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Sep 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013
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Sep 7, 2013
    1. Treehawk
      Your modding advice.. Yes I know.. (sigh) and I am going that route, slow as it is. I used to MOD NWN1 and I am trying to get a grasp of this system, so it is frustrating to relearn things here. However, if I can find someone else interested in developing a role-based fantasy mod that is already a decent modder, it would take that side of the production burden off me while I work on easier stuff. : )

      After all, I am sure that you know how long it would take to develop such an idea (since you are doing so well with the WOW genre) along with the vast amounts of supporting material, without the team you have behind you. Your putting out some real good quality material so I know you understand the need for a network of designers.
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