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Bandobras Took
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Aug 16, 2019
Jun 27, 2007
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Orem, UT

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Bandobras Took

Emperor, from Orem, UT

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Aug 16, 2019
    1. Zx Zero Zx
      Zx Zero Zx
      I understand that the vast majority of players back when were stuck on Lib MT even more so than now. I posted a topic way back when explaining why Lib was overrated, and that you can win the game with Trebs, and other junk alone. But all I got was a massive response of you're an idiot Lib is the best tech in the game to rush, and that Trebs were not that good.

      So yes I understand, but no castles still suck. :p
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    Orem, UT
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    You know, this is starting to become my favorite thread. :crazyeye:

    I wish I were half so eloquent as STW when he wrote the first paragraph of this.
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