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  • Yo do you think you could give me a summary of what's going on in Thlayli's game? I've found it somewhat hard to track the story.
    Welcome to IOT.

    I would suggest you consider along with the game your considering A Place in the Sun for 19th century goodness and KaiserIOT: Dream of a World for a super hero genre base with nations.
    In the story, Forrest will be visiting South Carolina plantation owners to persuade them to join his overthrow of the Confederacy and instill KKK values and leadership. How would your character react? What would some of his characteristics and dialogue be?
    Sounds interesting. Would you mind talking to Spirictum? I'm right now on the road, but when I get home this evening I will look at the game.
    Now that you are here it's a great moment to finish the decisions of the party and launch our names on the forum. Then we talk with mrrandomplayer about what to do in-game
    Please revote and edit your post, as I fixed the mistakes and was in the middle of editing candidate info when you posted. It might change your vote.
    I have no idea how, but I think now that we have many voices on the party we should make our own private group to discuss our politics without interference from others. Some things are best left out of the public. What do you think?
    Hey, you haven't voted on the America IAAR recently. The current election is really close, impactful, and interesting! You should check it out. If you're not interested, oh well. :(
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