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  • I'm still doing my A-levels. Biology, history and economics. Hopefully i will go to university if i get the right grades and study economics if i fail, i'll join the army. Nice of you to ask though :D

    Haha what a conincadance! It is a major part of a book i read about how laws keep freedom going and how lawlessness would see a breakdown to anarchy and the end of freedom. The book made much about trial by jury because it deliberately excludes the monarch and other powerful people from immediatly imprisoning them or executing them on a whim! Which obviously prevents the power of the monarch and gives it back to the people. but with this new non-jury trial where the judge makes the decision we are slipping down the wrong way!!

    Interesting that the magna carta doesn't guarantee jury. we have to write down a constituition and make it a right!
    I know your training to be a barrister or some shiz...

    but what do you think about the worrying trend of trial by NO jury.

    isn't that an afront to the magna carta? "no freeman shall not be taken in anyway murdered or imprisoned except by the lawful judgement of his peers" (along those lines, we've both played civ hehe )
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