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    "We Love the (whatever) Day!"

    i think it happens when culture goes up in a city, i had like 5 cities with courthouses and when i built the magna carta i got that messege in all five cities
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    PS3 and XBOX 360 GOTW Differences

    pretty sure its only different between difficutlty levels. shows the cheiftan map, not the deity.
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    DS GotW, Aug. 10 - 16

    just got 1800 domination victory. right now its the earliest date on the ps3 boards from what ive seen, probably a top score, wont know till it updates.
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    First time with the Huns.

    it would take a lot of armies to actually do anything.....maybe if they were legion....
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    First time with the Huns.

    diety civs get archers in about the year 3000. to make an army of warriors it takes you 8 turns, meaning you have very limited time to actually do anything other then barbarian hunt. fortified archer>warrior army
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    First time with the Huns.

    no offensive, but that would never happen in diety. good job though.
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    Unbelieavable MP game

    he probably flipped the city with a great person, and its funny how he sent you that messege, "if you send anything into space, i will nuke you."
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    PS3 Gotw (7/27 -8/2)

    im not going to give away all my secrets, ill just say that it is relatively easy to take over egypt in about the 1600s with knight armies. i got a domination victory roughly in 1990, although the gotw never counts my scores...
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    the mighty greeks

    i tried again tonight, but still couldnt keep up in tech, any other tips for greeks?
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    the mighty greeks

    i have played with the greeks twice on diety, and i did not do very well with them. i do plan on giving them another shot though, since it has been a while and i have gotten much better.
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    My first game at Deity (luckiest game ever?)

    dietys not that hard, you just need to know what to do or find something that works for you.......or be extremely lucky.
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    2beakers/turn, 7 turns to get Bronze Working cost=20 : a newbie wants to understand!

    yea, i know its wierd, i just ignore, because it does take the correct ten turns
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    Aztec probelm with 1.20 coming

    this is for multiplayer only. aztecs can auto-heal, but only if they win. with the new patch you can retreat and the opponent wont upgrade, but you can still take out 1 or 2 units of the army. so if you have 2 armies against and aztec's one army, you can just attack, kill one unit, retreat...
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    In Deity level, peace is your enemy

    usually im already at war because i am ahead in the tech race. i usually only build 3 cities and then take the rest over through culture or military force.
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