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Behind The Mask
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Jun 28, 2013
Jun 1, 2010
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Behind The Mask


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Jun 28, 2013
    1. Tecknojock
      Check the pony group, I finally got the image done. Sorry it took so long :(
    2. Dachs
      It seems like a very standard Horatio Alger story to me; nothing terribly inherently wrong with it. It should be only semi-believable anyway, since it is a rags-to-riches tale.

      Gotta say, though, your choice in place names and titles leaves a little bit to be desired. ;)
    3. Dachs
      Dunno how much I could help you. Of nineteenth-century industrialists, the only one with which I'm biographically familiar is Hugo Stinnes. :p What sort of things were you thinking about?
    4. Toteone
      not really
    5. Abaddon
      Not this turn, but the next is very possible.
    6. Abaddon
      What? I am interested but don't really understand what your suggesting?
    7. Nuka-sama
      Sure, diplo is nice
    8. Karalysia
      If I were you I would demand significant reparations and independence for the Don Cossacks and the Ukrainians.
    9. Abaddon
      Yeah, I was wanting a lot more than you are willing to give :/
    10. AmnGleNathir
      poor BTM he is getting ravaged! I suspect I shall fair much better, but then I am not at war, though you are, it is not by your choosing, I wish Ye luck and nothing more, for I have nothing to give. Not to mention doing so would be dangerous.
    11. das
      Very well, let's have a good war. I really can't accept your terms in any case, so we clearly need some more decisive outcomes before then.
    12. Abaddon
      Can you please draw that as a maP an pm me it?
    13. das
      I wouldn't mind at least hearing your pitch, then. Do understand that I stand to lose far more from ending the war now than I do from fighting on ineffectually or even losing my entire army. I just don't see what you can offer me that would make peace worthwhile at this juncture.
    14. Abaddon
      Unless I am mistaken, that would be a withdraw by myself.. not going to happen, an how can I know you simply won't change your mind regarding passage through the Bosporus?
    15. Abaddon
      Sorry about that mate, it had to be done :/

      I did not use anything you told me in confidance against you, I left it to the roll of the Dice.

      I had too many other nations pressuring me, as well as our historical dislike for each other to consider.

      Your proposing peace.. what are you offering?
    16. das
      I'd rather wait for the update to make the decision. I am not opposed to the idea in principle, though, especially if I ended up fighting the Russians anyway.
    17. das
      Sorry about that; on the other hand, methinks it might be more of an European thing. Not that the Europeans won't start breaking the rules all over the place right now. Speaking of Europeans, did the French help you in the least? Because I think that particular alliance was the one big mistake you made. It gives pretty much everyone fighting against the French an excuse to attack you as well if they want to, and that's a long list.
    18. das
      Okay, I guess I should just wait for the update to sort this all out. A clash in the Caucasus was pretty much inevitable, especially if they're going to invade Anatolia as well as the Balkans; I'm just glad to hear I apparently still have an army to invade Iraq with.

      And I think I have a general idea of his dealings with my friendly neighbours, yes. Glad to have it confirmed as essentially one plot rather than two separate ones as I have cautiously assumed, though! :p
    19. das
      Ha, really? I was almost sure they were going to backstab me. Granted, they still have time. But, yeah, the Russians were among those who approached me on the matter. We didn't exactly coordinate our actual efforts, though.
    20. das
      Let's say that a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people might think, possibly not entirely without reason, that they persuaded me to do so. But ultimately they're all wrong.
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