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  • I sent you a trade response in the WTF league.

    Did you notice there is another J in the league. J's team is not mine.

    I really don't get why your position is so hard for others to understand on the "What if Jesus posted here" thread. I feel like you have to explain the same thing over and over again with different links, when its not exactly a controversial idea (that the world was once pretty much covered in water) that's taught in many Universities

    Seems a bit silly, but either way keep up the good work and patience :goodjob:
    no problem, it was ironic though when I read your post about my location and then I looked at yours. Thats where I grew up, more or less.
    the thread moved on but forgive me for forgetting you aren't one of the younger members of the forum. The other point I was trying to make was more nuanced but I understand if it wasn't clear. Regards.
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