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  • Because you participated in either CityIOT or its Redux, you are being invited/encouraged/requested to join a new game in the same vein.
    Although my position as leader of the UD is in question, with the current array of players in the IOT I would suggest you move your army's starting position to either South Africa or Eastern India.
    No problem! Just wanted to make sure you still want to stay in so you can take back the reins once your workload decreases.

    Hello, orders lock in ~24 hours for MP2. It would be appreciated if you gave specific or vague orders for your nation so that I know what course is best for you to take. Thank you. =]
    For the purposes of my statistics thread, can you tell me anything about whether players were town or neutral or whatever they were in Jimmy Neutron Mafia, and what VC's the Neutrals had if it was different from the Innocent VC?
    Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire

    Introduction updated and stats added.
    Link to OP

    Please check and let me know any corrections and I will update, before updating the map.
    Iron and Blood 3:

    Please please make your nation claim to be an heir to Rome. Please? It would make the game so much more exciting.
    Imperium Offtopicum: Valkyrie :

    Greece offers a DP and trade to the great and all powerful France.

    Your Mafia game should start to have signups soon. If you wish to host this game, please create a signup thread soon.



    The Mafia Hosting Queue Manager.
    What opportunity? That RS posts forged info, they believe it, and now look where we are. Its not my fault the rest of the nations are idiots.

    BTW, mind responding in the NA group?
    Kongo wants to know if Sibera would like to form a new pact of neutral nations, one WITHOUT the Illegal State of Poland.

    Perhaps naming it the Neutrality Alliance?
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