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  • Good to see ya back around. I don't know if you knew, but Into The Future is over. I haven't done another story since. Still thinking about it, though. I'd probably do it the same way as you, finishing before writing.

    But anyways, I look forward to your next story. Good luck!
    Hey, BHN Tech. I just thought I might direct you to this thread, just in case you would like to join us in some creative writing.
    Thanks. Of the stories that I have written, that was one that had the most "story" aspect to it; the "Let's Play" part was incidental.
    Nah, your story is good, too.It doesn't matter who wins.

    I'll be watching for your next update.Take care.;)
    Hey, you're thread has been put in as a nomination for the Civ5 2012 S&LP awards.Just thought you might like to know.
    Sure.Just go to your Steam games library, and right click on Civ5.On the menu that comes up, click view screenshots.Then there will be a window that pops up showing your screenshots.On that window, click the button that says "Show on disk", and that will take you to the folder that the screenshots are kept in.

    If you need any more help, just let me know.;)
    I think it subscribes automatically when you post in a thread.So then you just have to click where it says "My Account", and it shows your all your subscribed threads that have new posts in them.

    I use the built in Steam screenshot thing.You just have to press F12 to use it, or at least that's how it is on mine.But be careful, because I think by default(at least on my game)F12 is set to load quick saves, so that can cause you to lose progress in a game when you're just trying to take a screenshot.Learned that the hard way.Just change that or make sure you don't have any quicksaves before taking screenshots if it's set that way on yours.And Steam has a folder for all the screenshots you take in Civ5.
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