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  • Hah, dear sir - it didn't take long for you to give us a sign of life after there was a suspicion that your were in Brazil watching the WC live, only few hours. A day earlier one possible solution to this very sad absence was offered as 'writing slogans for Hillary '16 campaign'. I admit that these may not be the most likely explanations but they clearly indicate the depth we had sinked into trying to figure out wtf was going on. I'm not divulging the character behind these assumptions but I suspect some heavy Northern socialist utopian influence. In short, drag yourself back into 50c so we evaluate your mental stability and hence decide whether or not you're allowed to take these long vacations.
    Dear Mr reborn liberal - get your ass & whatever is connected to it back on the chat; peeps are getting anxious, curious, worried etc (cross over any invalid option) and moreover we need a voice from the left within our ranks while mentally recontructing a better world, sort of Missourian socialist utopia.
    You can be on break forever as it'll eventually break you.
    Apparently @fiftychat is still down, but I wish mayonnaise upon thee, person who is not VRWCAgent.
    Vote in my thread, dammit! If VRWCAgent's not here, then you'd better act like him, you filthy liberal!
    Oh, Zelig just pimp-slapped you! Where's the VRWCAgent that we all knew and loved? Bring him back!
    I use the full suite of Atlas Map Markers, but I don't use the map or quest add-on, so I can use AQWD and SkyUI just fine. :)

    As for Jenassa, I'm clueless about female fashions in Skyrim, but maybe a dark blue gown?

    Finally, ood ear...
    You know - that mod idea is a really good idea. Have you thought about doing that for other followers, such as Jenassa?

    According to Wrye Bash (which is really very good), Atlas Blackreach does not depend on the main mod to work. I would definitely recommend AQWP: I use the classic variant with no cloud cover.

    (Incidentally, just how ood is your Nexus profile?)
    Well, the search engine refused to find you, but if you do want my updated copy of Atlas Map Markers, just PM me your email address. :)
    Stalinists, basically, in reference to their enthusiasm for sending in the tanks to deal with political opposition. I think it was originally used to refer to Western supporters of the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.
    Hah, you dirty old bastard :thumbsup: - Sochi games are underway & you are just talking about tea-bagging /respect.
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