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    MapTweaker Utility (beta) - Copy/Paste/Resize Bix Files!

    If anyone still cares to know, in order to get the civilization3.exe for the steam install; download patch v1.29f . Install the patch to a new location (incase it overwrites something important) and then copy the...
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    Renaissance Flag Leaderheads

    Seven years isn't too long between packs. Pack 4 has 15 additional renaissance era flags
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    Renaissance Flag Leaderheads vol. 4 2020-09-12

    1.Barbary Pirates 2.Bohemia 3.France 4.Great Horde 5.Lithuania 6.Mameluk Egypt 7.Nogai Horde 8.Norway 9.Ottoman Algeria 10.Ottoman Tunisia 11.Poland 12.Safavid Persia 13.Savoy 14.Transylvania 15.Wallachia
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    [C3C] Swedish Empire: Renaissance Warfare (modified version of Big Bopper's Scenario)

    Very nice work Zwei and thank you for the kind words.
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    Balthasar has died

    RIP Balthasar. He was very welcoming and supportive to all of us. I always enjoyed reading his post and viewing his amazing creativity.
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    Swedish Empire 2016-10-05

    A Swedish Empire Scenario covering the 16th and 17th centuries The Biq can be found in the THREAD
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    Swedish Empire Scenario

    Thank you Tony and Rathvilly, the file have been re-uploaded at the top post.
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    Swedish Empire Scenario

    Thanks Anthony, i really appreciate it.
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    Bronze & Iron

    hey register congratulations on getting your mod finished. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but i did notice you used some of my city list. The one for the dorians was actually intended to be used for nubia. I made a dorian city list a while ago that i never got around putting in my own scenario.
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    Swedish Empire Scenario

    been a while, does anyone still have a copy of the scenario or even just the biq?
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    Age of Heroes 2

    Rathvilly, thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the scenario. The barbarian civs have been altered to have only one item check under the build often AI strategy, either offensive or defensive land units. I haven't had a chance to test the main scenario myself, so its good to...
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    Age of Heroes 2

    I've updated the scenario to include a lot of register's excellent units, added a couple of Shirokobbure's great new leaderheads, and made a few minor game play changes. Also, the mod can now be played on random maps. For random maps the tech tree has been expanded from 2 to 3 eras, with...
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    Age of Heroes 2

    Okay the problem was on my end. There is an additional line in the label.txt "unknown". I think its because I use the Steam Version, because any scenario I've downloaded including my own, the labels are all wrong. I've add a patch to the top post to fix this issue. Just drop it in the text folder.
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    Age of Heroes 2

    There were a couple of bugs the first reload, this being one and another was the label file was screwed up. Everything should be fine now.
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    Bronze & Iron Unit Pack

    The Chariots look great, I never thought I would have this big of a selection.
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