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    The Middle East 2016-10-05

    Size: 80x80, no world wrap. Random goodies. Random resources. No pre-set Civs. It's a fairly straightfoward idea, but it feels like the Arab lands don't get enough love sometimes. We've got here a wide-reaching map of the central Muslim world, not covering quite as much as the great Middle...
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    Europa - An Embellished Central Europe Map 2016-10-05

    Size: 70x80, no wrap Random goodies. Pre-set resources. No set players. One thing I've always bemoaned about Earth maps, or even Europe maps, was that in an effort to cover as much playable land as possible, much of the beautiful detail of the terrain was lost. With aesthetics in mind, I...
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    Elder Scrolls Map: Cyrodiil 2016-10-05

    Size: 128x80, no wrap Pre-set goodies. Random resources. No set players. A large, free-roaming map based off the Cyrodiil nation of Tamriel as depicted in thegame The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Some of the southern region had to be cut for size, and if included would've required there to...
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