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  • BJ, we need your help in erasing one post that shouldn't be there. It's post 19 in The World Is Yours - Nation's Thread. Thank you.
    I posted this thread called Looking For NES - Looking For Players, and people seems to like the format of it.
    Could you check it out and sticky it if you think its worth stickying? =(
    BJ? I need some thread renaming help =( I misspelled Rein of the Ashlord in my new NES. Reing of the Ashlord: Argh! Terrible! Cant take that g! so eh, can you fix it? =(
    I'll reply to your last post in the Quantum thread soon... relatively burnt out on serious discussion at the moment! Good discussion, by the way! :)
    I know about your current situation, and I understand... And my condolences by the way, I hope for your mother in love's best.

    The group itself isn't anything special, I just want to have more people joining it. That's all :)
    Sounds pretty cool, really. I was never around to experience the pre-8th edition sets (With the old design and such), and from what I understand between the oldies, the game has really changed since then.

    Well, just two things. Firstly, join the MTG group then. You're also in the #fiftychat group even though you don't go there anymore. :p And secondly, I'd be amazed if we could duke it out over Magic Workstation or the like eventually. That does, of course, require you to be in the mood, which I don't really think you sound like. :p Oh, and no, don't be a nice guy and say yes if you don't mean it, I don't expect you to, but I hate when people do that, since then I'll walk around and expect people to play eventually... And bug them with it.
    Would you mind removing "Klan power" and "communist sympathizers" as tags on A Brave new World? I'd rather not wind up on an FBI Watch list.
    Nice to see you joining the fiftychat group, birdjag! :)

    You should stop by some evening to say hi!
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