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  • I go place to place in my town and ask for an application and when they give one to me I fill it out. However, never a call back; they don't even talk to me. This summer I volunteered at two different libraries and I hoped that experience would look good on a resumé but so far, nothing.

    edit: One thing I want to add is despite my illness I have good grades in both high school and junior college + university work, as well as no criminal record period (not even a speeding ticket) and that's what makes this particularly depressing. They hire some 16 year old kid over me all the time for these jobs. Even though they're entry level jobs that I'm going for, hiring someone with an actual masters or even bachelors degree over me is one thing, but right now I'm just really frustrated.
    I understand. I'll just ask you my specific case personally then and if you have time to answer, please do. I'm 22 years old and have never had an actual job in my life, not even part time. I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder at the age of 18 and put on disability at that age as well. I have an associate of arts and I was studying English with a writing emphasis, but dropped out. I was doing fine grade wise, but I decided that was not the right path for me, at least not for the time being. Now I'm earning a technical degree (associate) in Networking and I'm also trying to get entry-level Cisco certifications. I want a job as soon as possible, although obviously by the time I finish these things I'll (hopefully) have more options. At the moment I'm willing to do anything even for minimum wage, honestly.
    Wow, so you're like really successful and stuff! Please consider joining my group 'careers without college' so you can give advise to me and likeminded little worms.
    You NES? How do you like it? I have thought of joining but I don't know what's going on.

    Thanks for reading, much appreciated.
    You write poetry right? Do you do any fiction? Do you like to read fiction? I have part of a short story up in A&E if you're interested in tearing it up. I'm not criticism adverse, I've been through the ringer of creative writing classes and I edited my community college's Lit Journal, so if you are so inclined rip me a new one!
    Thanks again for looking into it.

    BTW when you post a vm that only says 'who are you chasing down?' you make me panic. Banhammer incoming! :lol:
    Make that really really sad. I'm trying to think up some way to talk to him and I can't. :sad: He was really cool.

    Such is the double-edged sword of permabans. Makes me pause and think.
    Oh thanks. ace99 is the guy I'm worried about. I'm sure he's fine but he was super-active up until the day he disappeared and we kept in regular VM/PM contact until that point. Then *poof* he was gone without warning. I consider him a friend and I just wanted to know he is ok even if he doesn't plan on ever contacting me or using CFC again.
    I would also like to say I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused this year. I enjoy this place too much to treat the forums the way I do sometimes. I get into a slash and burn mentality at points and I am not entirely sure why.
    I thought about the warning you gave (extremely generous, thanks for that) and then the joke I posted here about it and thought to myself - why the hell did I poke fun when he cut me slack? Then I took a few days off because I assumed I had a ban coming and because I was obviously in the wrong state of mind to be posting nicely and constructively. Anywho, thanks. :)
    I am aware of your recent appearance on #nes, and I expect to conference with Iggy and NK on the various issues sometime early this coming week. Thank you for making the effort.
    Hello Birdjaguar. I was wondering if you wanted to resume control of the Hojo Clan. Well, not really resume, but restart -- but later in Japanese history, in 1573. Let me know.
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