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  • Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    Any ETA on the spreadsheet? I'd like to start preparing all the information for the upcoming update; if you've been busy or what not, it's no problem, I can use Immacs. Thank you!
    I'm using OpenOffice, so it saves regularly as an .ods, though I have options to save it as a .ots, .xls, .xlt, .xml an d a few other openoffice formats.
    I can email you the basic idea I have with made up numbers. Would you like to PM me your email? I can send it to you as an XSL, or and XML, whichever you prefer.
    Np, I mean how do you PM someone if you're already banned? That seems like a pretty big hole in the system.
    How do you "appeal" a ban if you're banned? I could have used that when I got banned for making an abortion joke that contained the word "killing".
    I hail from Beyond the Lampshade. It is a place of debate and humour, a forum that is a community. We are in need of more members and you will be welcomed. Consider well.

    You might be intrested to know that the admin of Beylond the Lampshade, Autumncommet, is in consideration of a multiplayer game of Civilization 5. Join BTL if you are in consideration to join said game...
    That's really cool. I imagine it's tough to keep on top of that and still devote a non-trivial amount of time to moderating. It seems that you, illram and The_J do the heavy lifting here on CFC.

    Then again, if moderating is something you enjoy doing, I can see it being a leisure activity.
    That's good to hear! It seems to me pretty rare for someone to enjoy their job. Glad you are an exception. :)
    Hahahaha don't thank me just yet. I am going to be sending you another modding chore (unless you can tell me the name of another active supermod). It will wait till tomorrow though. :D
    Good night
    Oh I would recommend not watching it. It is terrible. It just gave me the impression that it was a big controversy in NM and I was looking for input/background on such a controversy. Seriously, don't watch it unless you are really intersted in the subject. It was lacking in basic documentary structure and credibility.

    The fact you don't seem to know of such a controversy lends credence to my take on the documentary being a manipulative hack-job.
    Have you seen this movie? It's called Genetic Chile and it's about GM chiles in NM. It's on Netflix and I tried to watch it as I'm interested in the subject.

    Just wondering if you had seen it or what your thoughts on the whole GM chiles controversy in NM, if there is indeed one. I am not sure there is - the movie is so chock-full of unsubstantiated, scary sounding quotes, tidbits and 'factoids' that I had to stop watching it.

    At some points, I remember thinking, if you switch this word around in that sentence or drop in a word here, suddenly that statement doesn't sound terrifying and makes more sense. It smelled to me of psuedo-science and scare tactics, which is a shame because I'm open to anti-GM arguments. I will certainly consider valid ones but I don't have patience for filmmakers that are trying to manipulate the audience.

    I'm generally pro-GM foods and I am asking you about all this because of your location.
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