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    Thought I was cruising towards victory...

    Ah yes, I have been a victim of this, too. The biggest clue is that when you are by far the best player, yet another (non-defeated) AI doesn't seem to mind at all. Means that they don't feel threatened
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    Give me 5 reasons you are playing Civ5 and not Civ4.

    1. 1UPT 2. Hexes 3. No more sliders 4. Community, Steam achievs, Workshop 5. Graphics
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    Happy with civs revealed so far.

    Yeah, seems fine. Only disappointment for me is Ghandi, I would prefer if they brought out an optional "civ classic leaders" dlc later on, and give more room for new faces. But I'll live :)
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    Jump from Civ IV to VI? or give Civ V a try?

    Given the ranty nature of this thread, why not get Civ5, play it, and then when you get Civ6, you can credit everything you like about it to Civ4 and everything that you hate about it to Civ5. Isn't that a win-win?
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    All leader portraits

    I would love that, too
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    Germany Video

    I am 1. absolutely ecstatic to not have Bismarck again 2. disappointed to have yet another military-flavoured Germany 3. so-so about the submarine. It makes a great deal of sense from a historical PoV.
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    Why is there this strange complaints and negativity?

    Well the vocal minority is a big part of civfanatics. By casual standards, not even the launch was a disaster. Rome II launch was a disaster, CiV not so much. It was working- unless you play higher than Prince. Not excusing the shoddy launch here (I went to play Civ4 until G&K came out) but the...
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    Which civilization do you find most interesting to play with? (August 10th poll)

    This. And I like starting with my home country. I also prefer the bigger, known empires first and after I get a grip of the game, I delve into the more exotic civs that usually require at least a wikipedia skim of what they were all about.
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    Which confirmed leaders are you most happy with?

    Most happy with de Medici. More of that please. No Ghandi. Let that joke die.
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    Your greatest fears

    My only worry is that Civ6 will try to return to Civ4 ways too much. I hope that FA are looking at the steam game stats. Civ5 is one of the best titles of the decade. Less decision making, more crucial decisions=way to go imho. So far it's looking good- but yeah that's my only "fear".
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    Interesting Interview with Ed Beach

    Can someone explain what is meant by "multi-threaded AI"? Does this refer to AI decision making in particular? (which doesn't make much sense to me in the context of multi-threading).
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    Civ VI in VR?

    Totally agree. I think until technology is at a point where we don't use mouse and keyboard and just grab and point and stuff in the air, there is no point in VR for a game like Civ. The entire thing will be great for FPS, then RPG, racing, and then it will probably take a long time before...
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    The preferred # of cities in your empire in an average game of Civ VI?

    I certainly would think remaking the poll at a later stage (perhaps after E3 or when more info about district and empire scaling are available) makes a lot of sense.
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    Old timer's, what are your thoughts so far?

    I might have missed it but- 13 pages and no one picking up on that statement? The thread should be renamed into "people who didn't like Civ5 but loved Civ4, what do you think?" since this is really what this thread comes down to. Ultimately it boils down to Civ3 vs 4 and having to "admit" that...
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    The preferred # of cities in your empire in an average game of Civ VI?

    Jesus Christ what a skewed poll. Make OCC an option and break down the 1-5 bracket. I prefer a small number of cities because more cities just turn into cumbersome micromanagement later on.
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