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    Modding N-gage version of Civilization

    AFAIK, the N-Gage QD requires GSM. Verizon only offers CDMA. :( I'm jealous of your GSM service, but my family needs Verizon's coverage.
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    Modding N-gage version of Civilization

    Verizon is the major carrier in the U.S. AFAIK (but I hope I'm wrong), it's not compatible with the Nokia phones that work with N-Gage. Do you have Civ2 for the PC? You can use its map editor to edit maps in mp or sav files. Btw, very nice work!
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    Scenario: Turkish War of Independance

    Ah McMonkey/Werd, I'm glad you saw this! I almost posted a reference to this thread over at Scenario League to get your attention. There're some real whizzes that occasionally pop by here, but for day-to-day feedback, you may have better luck at Poly. Can't hurt to try both forums. This...
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    Civ2 Source Code Petition

    Tusen takk! :clap: :hatsoff:
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    Modding N-gage version of Civilization

    Sadly, I don't think I can use this with Verizon in the US. :( As far as modding goes, if you can crack the mbm format, you could use the excellent graphics made by Gazza/Fairline, CurtSibling, et al. Assuming the resolution is the same...
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    Is it possible in ToT's Events.txt ...

    It's a bit whacky, but you could have a city with a transporter on another map containing the created units. Those units could move to any city on the primary map that contains a transporter. There're a number of ways to tweak this, but the basic idea is to use another map to store...
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    removing stackable terrain defensive bonus

    Can you devote a terrain type with high defensive bonus to cities? If so, then you could compensate for the relative weakening of cities that ubiquitous forts cause.
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    Scenario idea--North Korea

    CivFan penalizes lawyers? ;)
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    Hacking gov types

    It's easy to confuse. His first and continuing love is Pacific General (The Armory, and The Armory Forum)
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    Does anyone know where I can find these TestofTime mods?

    :lol: :goodjob: I checked my zips and only found his terrain mods. :(
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    Does anyone know where I can find these TestofTime mods?

    Not necessarily. Mercator's real name also sounds male, but we are unsure of his/her gender.
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    Civ2 Production Table

    Thanks, this is helpful! :goodjob: "die Erde ist eine Scheibe" = "the earth is flat"?
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    Is there a good resource editor?

    I remember that thread...IIRC, it was halfway useful! :mischief:
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    Airlift crash

    Ah, now I've caught up to you. Good test!
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    Airlift crash

    I was suspecting something slightly different. Civ2 only stores a fixed maximum of characters in a name (15 characters?). The airlift dialog uses Arial font (i.e. not monospaced). Perhaps if a destination city name is too long (e.g. wwwwwwwwwwwwwww instead of iiiiiiiiiiiiiii) for the...
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