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    bal's gameplay mods (reduced unit supply, separate naval cap, and more)

    Thanks, I already found it. I’ll try another game though before playing with it.
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    bal's gameplay mods (reduced unit supply, separate naval cap, and more)

    Thanks a lot for the mod, it works great and it is very refreshing to have less units and promotions to worry about in the mid/late game. In my experience I have too much production though, and nothing to build around the renaissance and early industrial eras, do others have the same...
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    Compensatory promotion lines

    I use field on artillery when I use them to defend against boats (since range units have a penalty against boats).
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    Any YouTube videos?

    Thank you all!
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    Any YouTube videos?

    Hi all, are there any YouTube let’s play out there? I only found the introduction videos when the game was released. Thanks.
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    New Version - 1.2.1 (November 23, 2021)

    Probably a dumb question, but how do you select the Alternative Difficulty Mod? I didn't see it in the game options.
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    Going for Gold: Reformation Beliefs

    Hi there! What's the status of the discussion on TtGoG? I thought there was at least some agreement to nerf the GP buy? (there seems to be less agreement on the yields) What about doubling the cost of all GP? Because of the exponential cost, it would reduce each GP type purchase by 1 or 2, not...
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    Founder belief text formatting

    On a related note, when we hover over a holy city, it would be great to see the name of each belief, and not only the effect.
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    Thanks @notaspambot and @amateurgamer88 It's #1, and indeed I didn't check that the National Wonder was still there. If that matters I already had my own religion with a reformation belief.
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    It seems like you can’t use a reformation belief after capturing a holy city and converting to this religion, can some confirm and do you know why that is? Just the religion code being too messy?
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    Mechanics Brainstorm

    There was a mod like that a while ago, called Barbarians evolved. But it was impacting mostly the early game, while I feel it could be more interesting if it happened later on.
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    Mechanics Brainstorm

    I'd love to have the exciting part of the early game (the first Xs: exploration, expansion, and not too many cities to manage) extended later. To achieve this, we could have: - to limit exploration in the early game, and not in the binary way imposed by continents. For example add some...
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    UI on era scaling

    One example where I haven't been able to figure out the era scaling is Ceremonial Burial. Faith seems to scale as described, but not culture. Culture instant yield on GP expense increases due to the Tradition bonus, but the one from Ceremonial Burial seems fixed (at least during the medieval...
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    New 4X

    I have to resuscitate this thread as Humankind is out today. As for me, my PC cannot run it so I'll happily stick to VP! I have been keeping 3rd and 4th Unique Components for later so now might be the time to try it out! Curious to see what VP lovers think of Humankind though, for the not too...
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