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    The root cause of all the problems...

    I've observed that hex and no stacks are the least controversial issue with Civ V. And what is your problem. Also why do you not like steam? I've been using steam since Orane Box and have yet to gave an issue.
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    any way to remove the robot?

    You dont mod out Giant Death Robot, it mods out you!
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    Spearman vs. Tank alive and well!

    True Story. I was in afghanistan (US Army) I was the gunner in a armored personel carrier and we had a guy come out of an alley and try to stab a tire with a long stick, a spear if you will, but he didnt win, I threw a rock at him and we moved on but...SPEARS VS TANKS can happen in IRL.
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    How does the lobby/matchmaking work?

    I was unable to join my friends game. We both live in Houston yet I could not see his game or vice versa. So I guess it's neighborhood locked cause midtown can't join games hosted in the Heights, they are about 11 miles apart so this makes sense to me.
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    wtf no multiplayer saving

    No way to save a multiplayer game at will isn't a bug it's neglect. There isn't really an excuse for that.
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    Hey Civ V AI - EXPAND

    I started a King standard continents map last night with two added AI. 6 civs on my landmass. By early Medieval era China has one city. Iroquois are expanding out of their peninsula but keeping the city placement close. Japan has cities all over the place, like anywhere he can put them probally...
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    So, which leader do you hate the most?

    I seem to get Catherine alot and she always is reluctant to trade or wants some ridiculous 3 to 1 luxury swap even when she has extras.
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    Is it me or does Washington sound like Bush?

    I think to players outside the US the American southern accent is maybe more iconic I guess, I doubt Washington would of had a southern draw though.
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    Multiplayer problem - starting next to human players

    Didn't civ III have a option to start players next to each other by team number or something?
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    How to you manage a large invasion force across the ocean?

    I've pulled off some landings, and yes it is difficult but it can be done, if you cant produce enough naval support to protect your flotilla then you should try something else. Just because you want to do something and can't pull it off easy doesn't mean it's broke. I once bribed a city state so...
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    Are you mostly playing the Earth map or a random one?

    Standard Continents but I add two AI and 4 city states
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    is it just me or does a game of Civ 5 take a REALLY long time?

    I played a quick speed game and it wasnt really quick actually kinda normal.
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    AI tactics suck even on Diety.

    On King I did see the AI withdraw its line of pikemen after I turned back two waves of them attacking a city, it had about 5 or 6 of them and then on one turn it took them all back to its territory, thats about the only smart tactical thing ive seen the AI do.
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    Why Steam is bad for you

    Ive used steam since it came out, I was big into the Half-Life and its mods back in college so thats when I started using it, I like it, never have problems with it, I run over a dozen games on it. The overlay is sweet, I even add shortcuts for non steam games to it so I can use the overlay and...
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    Age Poll: Fans vs Critics

    26 (in a week) Started with Civ III, I like the game, except I wish the AI was smarter when it came to war, I keep uping the difficulty and they still dont seem to be able to defend themselves. But I like it on the whole.
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