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i like strategy games

Land of 10,000 Lakes
My Computer
vista 64x, 2.4 dual-core, 4 gigs RAM, nvidia G-100 (9800) graphics w/ 512 mb dedicated memory.
Civ4 Difficulty Level
Civ2 Difficulty Level
Civ1 Difficulty Level
Civ5 Versions
Civ4 Versions
  1. Special Edition
  2. Regular Edition
  3. Warlords Expansion
  4. Beyond the Sword Expansion
Civ3 Versions
Civ2 Versions
  1. Civilization II
Civ1 Versions
  1. Civ SNES
Col Versions
  1. Remake (2008)


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worship me or die, then lets party and get drunk :D


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