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  • Partially since I've always wondered, given the nature of my games - what would be the limit of acceptable content for a horror/survival game on CFC, in terms of narrative and language? Would this vary between threads in the subforums (IOT) vs in a private SG restricted to players?
    I know what that is like. Being there. Hope is sorts itself out eventually so you can relax a bit more.
    Noticed you have become a moderator. A belated congratulations.

    You may have noticed I have joined the new Iron and Blood game.

    Is there any possibility to rename this thread to Red Skies RP (OOC Discussion and Proposal)?
    Zimbabwe should consider aiding the Yuan Empire in restoring harmony to China via unity. Aid us and you will find us a great ally and a even better trade partner.
    Dunno if you're keeping track of the sign-up list for None Shall Pass 2, but I believe Tanar Aerdoth will need full PM access granted.
    BSmith, I implore you not to lock Argentina. Just because about three posters are being [insert words not appropriate on this forum here] doesn't mean it is a good idea to lock Argentina as it is a really useful thread 99% of the time. If anything closing the thread would escalate the conflict, I've seen this kind of thing happen dozens of times in IOT, please don't repeat the mistakes of the past.
    Excellent mate. :)

    May the Inner Dominion of China be in good relations with your power as we attempt to take you with the flow down the middle path.
    Taillesskangaru has created another divine work. Consider joining his latest work. I could do with more powers to sell copies of the Inner Chapters, plus it would be nice for other Iron and Blood veterans like you to join in the fun.
    In my former NES, RandNES 1, I have passed the baton of moderating to two other NESers, awesome and Pole475. However, they can't edit my post on the first page with all of the info and important stuff. Is there any way you can change that?
    oh, you're a mod now! Congrats! lol, shows how little I've been around, I'm sure this occurred some time ago. :)
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