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Buster's Uncle
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Oct 17, 2019 at 12:38 PM
Apr 13, 2009
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Buster's Uncle

AC2 Co-Owner

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Viewing thread Superheroes!, Oct 17, 2019 at 12:38 PM
    1. Metaliturtle
      Suit yourself, not wasting any more time on drama.
    2. Metaliturtle
      You gonna fun in the playground tonight?
    3. Abaddon
      Thats just Lefty.

      My excuse? For what? :p
    4. Abaddon

      I got in trouble too!
    5. Metaliturtle
      Please speak with Solver about these things, I've been informed that very little of what you are asking is in my power to change.
    6. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      That's a pretty good summary.

      I want some stuff that I honestly believe is good for the site as well as me and all the citizens. Notice that I haven't done a lot of punitive things within my power, and I haven't been recruiting. I desire to do no harm, but I will not allow people who abuse me to profit from my work forever.

      Why are we discussing this here? Point one is mostly point 4, and I'll not go into the difference in public. That would make all of us look bad. Let's not take transparency too far. We have to take that to PMs.

      I got the PM my partner sent us both today, so I see that we got something, but he hasn't given an opinion on what you asked for. I did make it clear that I had to discuss it with him first. Sorry 'bout that.
    7. Metaliturtle
      So in summation of our PMs

      1. You want protection from something (being singled out? having threads moved/altered? JH?)

      2. You want vyeh to be MP mod.

      3. You want OT to be split into 2 forums

      4. You want solid guidelines for moderators to follow on WPC

      Let me know if this about sums it up.
    8. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      I don't want to leave, but y'know? I've never had any contact with a mod here. That suits me just fine. You don't think we can build another forum? Just watch.

      I love you, man, and I'll miss you; but my conditions are reasonable, not just selfish, and I'm not budging at all till I get something in return.
    9. Metaliturtle
      Read the PM I sent you. I need to home base a Civ site, and it is not going to be CFC, and I have concerns about Apolyton. I can't leave WPC, and I don't want the people I enjoy to leave either.
    10. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      Yah. I think you worked pretty hard to undermine us today.

      I am Chuck Norris.
    11. Metaliturtle
    12. Metaliturtle
      I'm just used to Old man w/hat
    13. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      Thank you. You just busted on something I drew myself.
    14. Metaliturtle
      BU, your avatar looks weird on CFC, at least Zacko's makes sense.
    15. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      I never did before WPC.

      I believe vyeh will tell you he was mostly-pleasantly surprised when I went wild contributing. I was.
    16. Zack
      I was shocked to see that you haven't posted in hardly anything outside of the SMAC forums.
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