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  • Heh, yeah, the point is to make the distinction between ideas for Civ5 and Civ6 clear. : )

    I guess your saying it's better to have 'One Forum To Rule Them All' and I'm saying 'Different Strokes for Different Folks'. It's just like how there is a Civ5 General Discussion and a Civ5 Brave New World - they don't necessarily need to be separated but isn't it better that way?
    Hey I just noticed you had done those stickies so you were the guy in charge of the I&S section. : ) I saw your response to my thread and I know it's not up to only you but just wondering if you agree/disagree with my point that Civ VI discussion gets mixed up with Civ V discussion? Theoretically, what if it went like:
    Civ V > Civ V Ideas & Suggestions > Future Civ Game Ideas like a subforum of a subforum I guess.

    (I am prepared to offer bribes in the form of badge artwork btw)
    : P
    Your avatar does have significance I thought! I thought you change it after that actor died. :hmm:

    How was your vacation?
    We're hosting an innovative version of mafia and have 31 signups at the time of writing this. Please, come. Please please?
    Haha. Irony being that I'm yet to post a pic here after all that and don't see it happening any time soon. In fact, I've forgotten how FFS.
    Thanks but wow. I'm not being rude but I've never been wished or wished anyone HSP day, let alone had amends made for forgetting. I couldn't even tell you when it was!! Do you have Irish ancestry? It really shows what different lives people live despite it seeming so similar.

    Ooohhhhhhh......penny just dropped. I hope you cracked a Guiness (was that the reference?). Awesome.
    Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    I will respond to your PM when I get home from class and work. I am not ignoring it, I just woke up and will heading out soon.
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