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  • Hi, I'd like to know, how I can structure text in a spoiler. Because now all the promotions in the promotion thread are in one column instead of four.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks zyx
    2 Days post in other sections but no posts in Off Topic?

    Dude, don't let people get to you like that. Just because some malcontents are saying you aren't a good new moderator doesn't mean that you aren't. If you weren't annoying people, you wouldn't be doing your job. :mischief: And if I think you're a little zealous, that's part of newness, and that wears off. ;)

    I'm not going to say I think you're perfect, but then no one is. But I will say you aren't doing bad. Don't let people get to you this quickly.
    I believe the main problem with the Civ5 AI is that it doesn't understand how to judge the overall combat situation effectively. The AI can usually judge when it can handle a war, declares war and then sends units in the direction of the opponent. It can handle small combat situations pretty well, meaning it does the combat calculations well based on what knowledge it has, but that's where the functionality ends. Once the units get close to my boarders I usually split its forces by targeting it's ranged attackers from the flanks and it is game over damn near every time. It doesn't understand how to amass forces for an attack properly, how to keep the initiative or use tiles in defensive positions to make counterattacks. Also it makes no plans for combat unit relief after it has committed its initial forces.
    I am proud to have provided several of the first notches in your belt as an OT mod. ;) (I'm honestly not trying to keep you busy, I swear.)
    I've also noticed that you signed up in the 13th slot. Maybe the bad luck inherent to such a number mde this happen…
    No prob, man. RL life takes precedence (hence the delay in starting the game on my behalf, to begin with).
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