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    build an improvement in steps

    Yes, I was trying to build the improvement inside miasma Good to know that it also makes workers immune, because I'm playing at maratona pace, and it takes 9 turns to remove, but in 9 turns my worker will be destroyed by miasma damage! Thanks a lot, I'll take that tech and use the worker...
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    build an improvement in steps

    It seems that you can't build a terrain improvement in different steps, is this correct? In previous Civ, yuu could have a worker starting to build an improvement, then stop to do something else, then restart the improvement from where it left it. Here, if I restart an improvement on which I...
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    Requests for new components (and features)

    A feature that I always desired is to have different "icons" (I don't know the true name of those things) for resources that have improvements on them. Now you have icons with grey border for resources on neutral territory, and icons with coloured borders for icons owned by one player. But...
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    Bug Reporting

    Not bad :) No, I'm speaking of the loc created by autologger. I use html output, and it gives my bad letters instead of àèìòù; it always did. In the past, I was able to fix this manually adding "àèìòù" by Alt+E :D but in this new version this strange workaround has stopped working...
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    Bug Reporting

    Some little bugs I've found (maybe already reporeted, I've not read everything yet): I installed BAT (yes, Alerum, finally I'm trying it :) ) with the installer, OS = Windows7 RC 64 bit. 1) BOSS settings are not saved the first time after a fresh install; closing and restarting the game...
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    I'm very sorry, but I don't think I'll have the chance to work on this for at least a couple of weeks...
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    Unit display help

    Or you can change the stack mode using a combination of the first two small round buttons on the left.
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    Date color rant

    Well, people not using standard background will change the colors or live with them...
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    Date color rant

    :goodjob: I like these!
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    Date color rant

    I'm for 1 without 2.
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    How come the plots are not fully displayed in the city screen? (resolved)

    Maybe a button (or shortcut) that close and immediately after re-open the city screen on that city? Not a great solution, of course.
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    BUG and Next War

    I'm trying your merged version because you saved me the time of merging again with the new 3.6 release :) Only thing not wotking that I found till now is the multiple graphs feature, is it wotking for you?
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    Dot map?

    I also have these errors, but I never linked them with BUG, because I don't have them with standard maps, but only with maps generated with publicmaps (don't ask me which one, I never been able to remember the different names of those generators, I'll check next time). I have an ATI Radeon...
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    DLL Features

    :goodjob::goodjob::goodjob: (I prefer all the partitions) About the position, why not put it in left botom corner and move the promotion arrow to the top right?
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    DLL Features

    Great! No possibility to have that name updated automatically, I suppose? If it checks the type name against the user name to hide the type name when they are equal, can't it modify the user name if they are not? Optionally, if possible. Even if the problem is with the promotion event, it...
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