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Captain Fargle
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May 21, 2020
Aug 6, 2009
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Captain Fargle


Captain Fargle was last seen:
May 21, 2020
    1. smallfish
      Is the Good Sire alright? Please be well wherever thou art!
    2. NinjaCow64
      Excuse me Fargle, it would be nice if you updated our plans to include war with Polynesia and PMed them to LH.

    3. Lighthearter
      Thought you might like to know that RP2 has begun in the ciV stories and tales forum - if you're still around, that is :p
    4. Lighthearter
      Fargle - RP has started back up! And there are some events occurring that we need your insight on;)
    5. Captain Fargle
      Captain Fargle
      I have indeed joined the Patriots arya.
    6. arya126
      You voted for the monks. You dont want Ilduce in office. Care to join the patriots coalition to stop that from happening? I know we have disagreed in the past and continue to disagree now, and probably will forever. But i am not the onew you are putting in power by joining the patriots. By doing that, you support aysee, and the patriots in general.

      By joining us, you put us one vote ahead. Then it will come down to the independants. Basicly, without you in our coalition, our chances of winning are significantly lower. I can understand if you wish to wait until a later moment, but you have to understand that if you dont join us, Ilduce is likely to win.
    7. MathNerd
      BTW, I'm on CPS chat now.
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