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    DCM/RTW balance

    Both. It’s a problem with the underlying DCM mod I think.
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    DCM/RTW balance

    This question is probably about 11 years late, but heck, better late than never. I’ve been getting back into Civ IV recently with the intent of getting to some of the mods I’d never gotten around to. One of these is Road to War. Having grown up on the Civ II WWII scenario, I was really excited...
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    End of Afterworld?

    I tried playing Afterworld in BTS several times because the story seemed really interesting, but I could never get into the gameplay despite my best efforts. However, I always wondered how the story ended, and amazingly I can’t find any playthroughs or similar content anywhere, except for a very...
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    [R&F] Rise & Fall Christmas Giveaway Lottery

    I’m in! Thanks for a great Christmas gift!
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    Input Requested for PolyCast Christmas Special 2017

    What's happened to the creativity of the modding scene since Civ IV? Back then we had a set of fantastic total conversion mods- Rhye's and Fall, Fall from Heaven, Final Frontier- and tons of scenarios. Since Civ V and continuing into Civ VI we've had the odd UI tweak or balance change, but total...
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    Civilization 2 on 64 bit Operating Systems -- Start Here

    Hey chrisconcord29, check the thread I made called CaptainKoloth’s updated guide to running Civ II in Windows 10.
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    Help with a couple issues?

    There’s several approaches to fixing music issues with this, see the thread I posted called updated guide to running Civ II MGE in Windows 10.
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    CaptainKoloth's Updated Guide to Getting Civ II MGE to Run in Windows 10

    Hello everyone, There's lots of great guides here about how to get Civ II running under various modern operating systems but this information is spread over numerous different threads; after struggling greatly with this myself I thought it might be helpful to consolidate all the information...
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    Civilization 2 + iPhone

    Unfortunately, this method is still, in 2017, the only way.
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    Delay between Civ II vanilla music tracks?

    Apologies for this being perhaps something of a dumb question. I have for weeks wrestled with my computer to jury-rig a solution to let me play Civ II vanilla again which I've finally figured out. However, despite much effort I for some reason can't get the music to work. So my alternate...
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    Summer patch- can't start Australia scenario

    Disregard, had a mod enabled that I didn't realize was on.
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    Will there be Rhye's and Fall of Civilization 6?

    Oh yes! Now that the mod tools are finally released, please please please please PLEASE make this for Civ VI!
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    Occupied city remains occupied forever after conquering host civilization

    The latter I definitely did not do in this case.
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    Occupied city remains occupied forever after conquering host civilization

    I actually conquered both before the patch. Unfortunately I'm not sure exactly what turn I installed the patch on and my auto saves have long since written over the turns when the initial problem occurred so I can't easily back that information out. In case the information is helpful, the...
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