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  • As you said, you've mostly proven your point with your success in the conflict. Despite that, 1 or 2EP might give you a decent edge over most other modern armies.
    You invaded this last turn? I thought we were going to invade next turn, but nevermind, Im going to take the rest of Hungary, and I know I didn't support you in Bulgaria, but does the map deal still count.
    Your economic program had precedent somewhat took from it by your war with Hungary and Bulgaria. Because of it, though, 2EP's investment this upcoming turn will ensure 1EP bonus.
    The tape throwing refrence comes from a series of posts luiz made about the brazilian elections when someone threw a roll of tape at his prefered candidate and luiz kept calling it fascism and assaults by Dilma's thungs and so on.
    As such, the comments of 'tape throwing' are often used when people compare a very minor incedent to fascism. (Or it is used when luiz is involved.)
    Are you still interested in Canada if so, you can take it and send orders, but feel free to take another nation; Austria-Hungary is open, as in China, Spain, etc.
    GamersGate doesn't use extra DRM and there isn't any besides a CD key on Paradox's own games like Hearts of Iron II. Plus you can add the shortcut to Steam and launch it from there to sue the in-game features like the browser anyway :p
    Oh, you've got a long way to go then. :p Did you play through Operation Katina first? Getting the Mobius One F-22 was my top priority.
    Yea! Been here for six months now, I love it, neighborhood is great.

    Where do you live?
    Actually, I'm working on a sequel to it right now, which is going to take place about 10 years after the breakdown of Nueva Leon. It should be more interesting then the first one. (Multiple playable nations now, people can still play as revolutionary groups if they want or choose to play as one of the actual countries.)
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