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    War themes

    Nothing will ever compare with Civ V's Brazilian War Samba. Nothing.
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    6otM32 AAR

    Cripes, no wonder this one was so easy! I just now noticed it was only King difficulty!
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    6otM32 AAR

    Victory on turn 281. This was hands-down the easiest 6otM I've played so far (admittedly, I've done only half a dozen and this is only the second I've completed successfully, but it was much easier than the other one I finished). I captured two of Rome's cities and built five others of my own...
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    6otM32 Opening actions Report

    I settled one hex to the southwest, just east of the cattle hex. Going straight for Pottery and Writing was a no-brainer, because I'd already met Montezuma (and ganked his settler!). I built the Campus as soon as I was able, two hexes north of Uruk, and then the Library. I didn't emphasize...
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    News: 6otM 32 Announcment

    I'm LOLing at the start. That's a beautiful gift.
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    6otM24 Opening Actions

    Whooo, yeah. It's not going well. Probably going to have to abandon.
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    6otM24 Opening Actions

    - Where did you settle your capital city? Your second city? Rather than settle on the start hex, I moved a couple of hexes west to the one between the coast and the river. Second city (Cumae) a little northeast of that, on turn 56 (much later than I meant to, but I had some barbie trouble). -...
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    6otM 24 Announcement

    Another Rome/Domination? Right after the previous one?
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    6otM23 After Action

    *cough* Domination Victory, Turn 385 (1964 AD) I didn't even start attacking until turn 250. Well, actually, I first attacked Gorgo around 200, but she kicked my ass. I'd been building up steadily, trying to achieve a winning advantage, but just as I was about to attack Sparta, its defense...
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    6otM23 Opening Actions

    Turn 1: Started on the starting hex. Time is money. And I want big food and big production immediately. Turn 9: I got lucky -- the warrior from Stockholm started fighting the barbie spearman without me. Having sent my warrior around the encampment to grab the goody hut (risky, but it paid off)...
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    Detailed Worlds

    When I play a Tiny Archipelago map, it often spawns fewer than four civs. In one case, it spawned only one—me—giving me an instant Domination victory! When I tried switching to a Duel Archipelago map, it crashed Civ VI entirely.
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    [] Spies lose promotion if moved

    I'm experiencing this same bug. Really annoying. I've had one spy complete four successful missions, but because I always evacuated her afterward, I haven't been able to promote her once.
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    Nerf Kalinka

    I'd like someone to create a mod that removes Russia's theme from the game, at least from the Industrial Age forward. I don't think I can stand listening to that incessantly repetitive melody one more time.
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    [] Can trade writing but not art or artifacts

    The great works interface in Civ 6 is so very, very kludgy to begin with, especially when trying to move works from site to site (sometimes it tells me I can't move one when, in fact, I can), but the thing that's driving me the most crazy is that when I want to trade works with other leaders, I...
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    I miss PerfectWorld.

    It's this mod:
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