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    Poll: Toughest AIs to face

    Where's Carthage? Whenever Dido is in my game she absolutely wrecks everyone and everything, to the point of me sometimes not including her in the game because I know she's gonna be on top of the scoreboard anyway
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    (7-1) New Beta Version

    When installing any of the beta versions, my game crashes when I try to load the game in the mod screen. Am I installing something wrong? Clean install deleted cache.
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    Single/Multiplayer VP Pack v2.5.8 + Lag/Stability/Crash Fixes + Dedicated Server Fix

    What was buggy about playing with pre-defined teams?
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    Single/Multiplayer VP Pack v2.5.8 + Lag/Stability/Crash Fixes + Dedicated Server Fix

    Thanks a lot for this! It works great. One question, is there any way to add extra players to a game? (e.g Standard size but 10 players instead of 8)
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    Looking for December 1st (12-1) modpack (Community Path + EUI only!)

    Me and my friend will wait for someone to make a modpack if that happens. The process is too confusing...
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    New Official Version - December 1st (12-1)

    Will the fixed version be save compatible perhaps?
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    New Beta Version - February 18th (2-18)

    Interesting post by Stalker0. Carthage is the top performer in every single one of my games for some reason. I always play with Dido in my games because I know she's gonna be beast instead of some idle civ. Easily the best AI of all in my experience.
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    Ancient City Ruins

    I once killed an AI by exploring city ruins. Literally. I had a Trackless and kept exploring the city ruins. Powerful enemies spawned from them and killed the AI opponent close. Lol.
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    Deirdra's picture

    Damn, you noticed it before I edited my post!
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    Deirdra's picture

    I honestly prefer the current picture.
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    RifE Blogpost: Interface Comfort

    Something I'd like is a feature that lets me check the promotions of enemy units. As a new player, I can't simply recognize all of the promotions by just looking at their small icon. Is there a possibility for this?
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    RifE Blogpost: City Actions and the Sidar Revamp

    But is Sidar still "viable" as a war-civilization? I sure hope they are. So wait, when a unit gains level 6, it gets a chance to become immortal each turn, but also gives you a free specialist? Unrelated question; how do you save/view replays? ;;
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