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  • Damn character limit.

    3. By keeping me from collapse, you ensure yourself a v-hungry trading partner. There's already an excess of v on the market (its sale limited mainly by supply costs); I would be a party that would be interested in buying however much v you could possibly want to sell me. iirc, you'd have trouble selling anywhere else except for Heph; Lipsid Beta has the Valk selling cheaper than you could thank to transport costs, the west has an oversupply of e, the south has an oversupply of e.
    And thanks to the magic of taxes, that's a pretty big chunk of disposable income to you. Since sales go through after taxes, if I say buy 80e worth of v from you, that's a flat 80e disposable income you can spend on stuff.

    Those are my opinions of course; ask Kal or such for theirs too if you want.
    SysNES; response to a question you threw up on #nes a while back:

    1. I stole from you, yes. I've yet to admit it; it'll come this turn in the thread along with stories about everything else my new government uncovers.

    2. You would not be donating to me, you'd be giving me a loan. I can not only pay your money back, but I can also work for it, as I've outlined. One of those ways (terraforming), is both cheap and directly beneficial to you in the short-term (lots of resources are tied up in Hydroponics, that you'd get back if you could disband them). Other ways (teaching tech, lending you a ship that can actually enter the ice giant gravity well) aren't quite as direct/big, but they're still definitely beneficial.
    Unfortunately I sent my orders last night because I don't have access to a computer during the day. Sorry about that :|
    Hi. I'm going around bothering people, asking them to take the Quasi in SysNES2.
    Regardless of that, I encourage you to either find some means to achieve a parlay, or push onwards to victory/make war unprofitable and unpopular among the enemy.
    Dark is awaiting on orders for Fallout:NES. Six people missed the due date so hes postponing the update till he gets some more in. Thanks ;)
    Were my answers to your questions suitable, or would you like some more examples of good/ill omens?
    Hey we need to talk again about the ASEAN situation, things have taken a turn for the worse and I hope you will stand by your previous offer of assistance?
    Go read Milton any ed. before 8 and Steinberg. Then, I dunno, go trawl through the sources for Fairbank and Fairbank & Reischer for sources to take a look at the South Chinese economy.
    Are you still interested in KnightNES? There is only one spot left and it is filled on a first come first serve basis.
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