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  • Hi Chiyu! I'm not sure if you're still around, but if so, I had a crack at merging Extra with BUG and ran into a serious Python exception that removes the interface. I think it's due to something that Extra relies on in the base game that BUG has rewritten, so if you have any ideas, that'd be excellent. Thanks!

    The thread's here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=427647
    Hey, thanks for the compliment.

    I've looked into the bug you stated and found that it's related to python code of the Inquisitor unit. I tried to solve it by adding adding the line "from PyHelpers import PyPlayer" in CvGameUnils, so PyPlayer is no longer undefined.

    Please replace your CvGameUtils.py (found in Extra\Assets\Python) with the one found here: www.craccoclan.com/downloads/CvGameUtils.py . Let me knows if it solves the problem (and if it, by any chance, increases the loading times between turns).

    Hey, great! mod. Only one thing lacking to any degree that matters: if it only included the xxl mod so it could be used on ultra-sized maps. But, man, what a lot of work you and yours have done.
    Now, 'nuff of that...why I'm writing is I'm getting a: Python Exception; Traceback (most recent call last); File :CvGameInterface", lline 180, in AI_chooseProduction; File "CvGameUtils", line 323, in AI_chooseProduction; NameError : global name; 'PyPlayer' is not defined.
    This popped-up on about rurn 200-215? 700AD? in a stack of identical pop-ups one on top of the other numbering between 7-28 in the stack. The game doesn't crash, plays fine except for this happening every turn so far since it started (25 turns). I have to click each one to close each individually (wearisome). Any ideas?
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