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  • Ok then. When you make its big debut, you might want to make the number of initial provinces less.
    Okay. So, is this a good set up for a peace agreement deal?

    1. Rebels will cease all hostile activity that threatens to snap apart mother Russia, and will be given compensation for joining us peacefully.

    2. Stalin will remain head of Russia with elected leaders sharing equal power in certain positions.

    3. Jehoshua will become Great Imam, holy leader of Russia besides Stalin and will share power equally.

    4. Equal oppurtunity for all in the form of promotions to higher levels of power.

    5. No religious persecution; you will not be forced to convert, merely just accept Stalin as head of Russia. Religious freedom and philosophical freedom will also be present, and all creeds may practice.
    Christos, let me have one attempt to make peace. If they refuse, I will attack and slaughter as many as I can.
    Christos, I continue to listen and try to figure a way out of this for us. I will attack only if there is no other option. Apologize to the rebels, try to win their support for what you have done, at least for a little while to try and bind Russia together, and then you can stay in power without threat. I ask you to at least consider it, to win their support and love before we do anything rash and possibly unneeded, and at least try to apologize. At least then we have an excuse if they say that we lie and cheat, and eliminate them.
    Don't worry, will post it just before Yoshi finishes up his work so that we can surprise them.
    Of course I will. I will protect and serve you Christos as well as the nation.
    Feud IV

    IC: No, Simon isn't and won't ever be a muslim :)
    OOC: Don't worry I'm against the commies too :D
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