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    [GS] Problem with player not warmonger requirement

    I'm trying to use the requirement type "REQUIREMENT_PLAYER_IS_NOT_WARMONGER", the goal is to check whether or not the player declared the war themselves or were declared war on. The problem is it seems like no matter what happens; since you get grievances to whoever declares war on you, this...
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    [GS] Issues with artdefs

    Thanks for the help. I updated my ModArt and I can now use DLC assets. I'm still having 2 problems however. While strategic view shows the Machu Picchu art for the new wonder, the normal view has no model. Any chance you know which artdef affects the normal view? Currently, I have entries in...
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    [GS] Issues with artdefs

    So I'm trying to make this custom wonder's model in-game an exact copy of Machu Picchu, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think it's because the asset editor won't recognize things outside of the base game, since I can't select things and they don't show up in menus. Any help would be...
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    [GS] Need to find a way to reveal all natural wonders to a player

    I've been looking into how I can reveal all natural wonders to the player at game start, and there doesn't seem to be any pre-made modifiers or LUA functions that can do it for me. Currently, the best idea I've got is to just iterate through every plot on the map at the start of the game, and if...
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    Been gone for a while, what's changed?

    Haven't touched the game or any kind of modding for it for over a year. The last time was just before the frontier pass thing was released, whenever that was. Just wanted to know if there's been any major changes to how modding works, if I have to update my mods to make them work on the live...
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    Some help understanding CIV6 Lua

    Just started on LUA scripting. I am fairly experienced in programming in general and got the basics of how LUA works from LeeS' pdf guide, but I just am wondering a few things in general. 1. Is there a more updated or comprehensive list of the objects available to us? I've been using the doc by...
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    Issue with custom archer units' arrows not lining up properly.

    I have a custom archer unit that uses the Great General armor as a root, and ported over the correct behaviour set correctly. All the animations work as intended, except for the attacking animation. When the unit attacks, the animation plays correctly, however, the arrows shoot from the ground...
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    Custom Civilization Mod request

    If you list some of your ideas I'd be down to make them if I think they make sense and are fun. Unfortunately, I don't think paid work is possible unless you provide artwork that you have the rights to.
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    [GS] Unique unit models not working in game

    I have a unit in one of my projects that uses the skirmisher armor and hat. Ingame, however, only the body attachment shows. Before, I had my Unit_Bins only containing the required pieces for my unit, but during my troubleshooting, I tried bringing the whole file over from the pantry and it...
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    Anywhere to buy 3D art assets to use?

    And how hard would it be to take a model downloaded/purchased from one of these websites and get it to a state usable by the game? Is it worth the effort to learn?
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    Civilization trait not appearing in loading or diplomatic screen

    This doesn't really apply to the thread topic, but I've been plagued with this bug for quite a while. It seems that when I build my mod in modbuddy, the game doesn't register the new version for some period of time, not entirely sure how long. Sometimes it's instant, sometimes it can be a few...
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    Civilization trait not appearing in loading or diplomatic screen

    LOC_CWJN_TRAIT_AYRENN_DESCRIPTION works as normal, displaying in both the loading and diplo screens. However, LOC_CWJN_TRAIT_ALDMERI_DESCRIPTION does not show in the loading or diplo screens, even though it should.
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    Civilization trait not appearing in loading or diplomatic screen

    Does it make a difference? What I uploaded has every file used to make the mod anyways, fully viewable. Regardless, here is the mod once compiled.
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    Civilization trait not appearing in loading or diplomatic screen

    Alright, I've archived the folder and uploaded it. Thanks for all the help.
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    Civilization trait not appearing in loading or diplomatic screen

    I would've posted some of the code if I knew what to even post. I don't even know what the game references to display the traits in the diplo and loading screens. I know the LocalizedText is working because referencing it in the config section works fine. I don't see anywhere in my gamedefines...
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