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Nov 3, 2015
Aug 16, 2005
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August 18
United States

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Writing Letters, from United States

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Nov 3, 2015
    1. Luckymoose
      Well, I'm actively trying to work with TLK on something, but Nailix is the uh... interesting party.
    2. Luckymoose
      Have fun dealing with Russia when Germany loses.
    3. ZeletDude
      Can I talk to you on aim for a little bit about something pretty important?
    4. Terrance888
      Thank you. I'll try to not ruin your baby further. (ok, sarcasm end here)

      Really, this helps me alot and I am trying very hard to make Florida unique in my way. EQ, unfortunately, after a broad generalization that the current head of the Reformed Party of the Republic is quite flamboyant and crazy, got'em elected (in 1920). So I stuck to my guns and played everything In Character ever since. I don't really want all this to happen OOC, but IC that is how I see them reacting to the changing events of the world.
    5. qoou
      You should get on #nes for SysNES
    6. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      "I don't feel it would be right to make too much of a change; that may change their narrative too radically."

      Just a heads up: other than kicking the Standards offworld and totally squandering their material advantage for seven years doing nothing, they don't really have a narrative to change. They're an international and historical non-entity and there's nothing to no "IC" to adhere to presently. You really would honestly be better served coming up with something you would enjoy playing and acting out, unless you actually do like their background.
    7. m.t.cicero
      Hey, could we at some point discuss plans for CI? Considering that my foreign policy is tied to yours I'd like to have some idea of your plans in the Far East.
    8. Nuka-sama
      Hey do you have that Eagle and crosshair flag still? :)
    9. Terrance888
      You might want water retention for your new evolution, unless it already had some.

      It looks great. :)
    10. TheLizardKing
      Thanks, I'll try to fix that. I'm not much of a story-writer, though I figured I should at least attempt as the US. ;P
    11. SouthernKing
      Thanks, I responded btw.
    12. SouthernKing
      One question (two actually, but they are related): how much was Jacksonia reliant on slaves, and is there much racial tension?
    13. qoou
      #nes for Luckymoose's campaign now?
    14. TerrisH
      182 at this point.
      but then again, even if you do send it to us, the amount will just be going straight back to you in any case, as you are the only one of the allies we trust to distribute the amount fairly. you ship the cash to us, we ship it back, and you keep it for your self, or ship it to the allied nations that you feel will best use it.
      Brazil is... challenged, the Arabian empire we simply do not trust though you are likely to ship the bulk of the funds to them, and the UK seems a bit arrogant.
      the offer is simply a bit of a time saver on both our parts, to lessen the bureaucratic trappings that will delay the payments. but if you feel you must, you must. we thank you for your time and patience.
    15. TerrisH
      excellent! we were not counting those years also, so no trouble there.
      As to the repayment. well, we also have a payment to make to you over these years, so we are interested if you would be willing to make a small deal.
      We simply issue the 150EP we are to make as reparations over the next 10 years out to you, plus 10EP for your hassle. you deduct this 160EP from the loan repayment, and when combined with a single 28EP repayment, the entirety of the loan will be re-payed. thus we both get out of this oppressive shadow of debt we are under.
      how you distribute the 150EP and over what period is entirely up to you and your allies, as it would have been anyways, as we planed to ship the reparations to you, as you seem to be the most level headed of your group.
    16. TerrisH
      reply to diplo in CI thread, post #1588. have plan concerning it if you want to discuss it it in #NES chat.
    17. TheLastJacobite
      Yeah, I got the idea talking to EQ when he said that the Brits had made a huge minefield in Poland. What better way to clear it than with criminals? Lol
    18. SouthernKing
    19. SouthernKing
      I'd like to ask, how exactly does the US government of CI work? I know it's some form of military-run dictatorship, but the updates have mentioned elections so I am confused.
    20. Nuka-sama
      Nah man come chill with us :)
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