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Jul 21, 2018
Jun 22, 2011
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Ahuizotl, from Sawaiki

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Jul 21, 2018
    1. Nuka-sama
      Here's my game
    2. Nuka-sama
      Do you need more from me for this turn?
    3. Nuka-sama
      Can you get on Steam please
    4. Nuka-sama
      I'm going to have mine in after work
    5. arya126
      Also, sorry for not putting more effort into fleshing out the background. Botwawki has me in a different type of mindset, and my creative juices havent been flowing well recently. Fall semester was exhausting.
    6. arya126
      Ill age him up to 28. I didnt think a 2 year age gap would pose much of a problem; its hardly uncommon.

      As for a timeline...

      18 - Graduate in Hong Kong, goes to Cambridge
      21ish - Romance
      21.5 - Graduated Cambridge 1 semester in advance, recalled to Hokoan
      23 - Finished Mandatory Naval Service, Goes into Intelligence
      5 years experience between field work and administrative. I would assume a 2 year field/3 year desk split.
      28 - Now

      So yes, 5 years experience is a VERY rapid promotion and would be unrealistic in any western or major power. However I am assuming that 1) He is an exceptional field operative and a capable logistician from a desk and that 2) being the grandson of the most powerful Admiral in the country speeds things up a bit. Cambridge probably doesnt hurt.
    7. Terrance888
      Not really. Sometimes I want to come back, but meh.
    8. Double A
      Double A
      It's gotten steadily more screwed up.
    9. Double A
      Double A
      Have you been keeping up with Adventure Time lately? The eldritch subplot has been leaking through like crazy this new season, and there was just an 8 episode miniseries about Marceline that had almost no elements of the regular show at all. I saw someone describe it as a meditation on change and that's probably the best way to put it.
    10. BSmith1068
      I guess I would need a little more context to be able to answer this better. Generally a private social group would be a little more flexible than a public thread, but there would still be limits. Can you give me some examples of what you would like to do?
    11. arya126
      Hey CivO, just wanted to let you know A World of Media 3 is up! Basically the same rules as the first one, which saw success compared to the second.


      I realize your going to very busy not too long from now with Uni and everything as I will be busy as well. However you came in on the tail end of the first one so your movies never really got produced; thought I would give you the chance to try and get into this one! Being a producer doesnt take too much time after all.
    12. Double A
      Double A
      god I had to go to a thing like 30 seconds after I said I was on
      Anyway what the hell is wrong with a goddamn candy bar?
    13. arya126
      Expected that much. Not only am I unfamiliar with linguistics in general, but I also have not been following your game as closely as I would have liked which means I didnt know any language specifics that might affect me.
    14. Nuka-sama
      Thanks :) So how does this work, do I load this as a mod for EU, or copy my save, or...?
    15. Nuka-sama
      Can you link me to the Vicky 2 converter that you used?
    16. Patriotic_Fool
      Any games going on?
    17. Double A
      Double A
      can one of them be an attorney/superhero
    18. Double A
      Double A
      civo pls
      I haven't even officially done a thing
    19. Defacto
      The last few weeks I was absent from the community and due to this, I'm sorry for that. I think it's better to stop because I do not want to disrupt the flow of the game and this choice was taken because of the time I've been having lately devoted to the forum.
    20. SouthernKing
      Yes, I just have no idea what's going on since I haven't heard anything
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