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  • For the first day, do we have to get 2/3 majority to lynch, or is it just whoever gets the most votes?
    Realpolitk: You can vote twice. I suggest my own, if you don't want to change the balance right now, to take sides. Or just keep it until Ravus decides.
    That character is called 'long s', and it was uſed in older Engliſh ſcripts in all poſitions except when the letter s was at the end of a word.
    It's juſt for roleplaying, as NOTW is ſupposed to take place in a Middle Ages-eſque environment, and it's kinda fun.
    Fixed. Since I already possessed Switzerland, however, you only got 2 claims in France. You spent three that turn.

    Therefore, you have nine to spend now.
    We would also like trade pacts and a non agression pact with you, we only excluded you because (we kinda want to create a European Alliance.. like the EU) and if that happened you would have to be excluded since your Not European, not being mean or anything. We would as above like trade pacts and non agression pact with you as well though!
    Which way do you intend on expanding? I am hoping that you intend to go eastward so out two nations do not have border conflicts. We could split Myanmar/Thailand in half if you would like, or do you prefer to expand more to the north instead?
    The pink line is in post #95, along with my claims, and I'm identifying it as my sphere of influence. I am prepared to negotiate, but not if that negotiation is simply "that's mine; tough".
    You didn't miss anything; we're on turn 2, which began about 6 hours ago or so. You may now spend 7 points claiming territories.
    Actually, I thought about it: if I let you use France as a core starting next turn, that'll horribly unbalance the game. I'm going to have to treat Tibet as your de facto capital until France is 10 territories strong for you. :p

    Besides, it's Tibetan Burgundy.
    You still have two French territories... as they cost 2 due to being far, with 8 Tibetan provinces, you can only have one. ;)

    When I said 10 territories on the first turn, I didn't mean a capital AND ten territories, just ten contiguous territories. To form, say, a national core.
    For this first turn only, all territories cost one regardless of size, except if they're far away, in which case the normal distance penalty applies.

    Therefore, for 8 points, you can claim 8 Tibetan provinces and 1 French, 6 Tibetan and 2 French, etc.

    Since you already have 7 provinces in Tibet, claiming 2 more would mean you've spent 9 points; you need two points to claim a far-off territory, so no French territories would be able to be claimed.
    Get 10 contiguous territories in an area. After that, it is basically just like your homeland and costs only one point per (moderately-sized) province.

    Remember that you can always ask how much territories cost.
    The 10 one-point territories is based on the stipulation they all be next to eachother. :p Therefore, you will get all the Tibetan territories, for 7 points.

    Now, France would cost 6 points due to distance...

    I would suggest claiming either 6 Tibetan territories and 2 French ones, or 8 Tibetan territories and 1 French one.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. :)
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