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  • NC is open all the time, buddy! You can find it from S&T forum, the place where I hang out most of the time. Current game is NC CXIX Joao. And at friday 19th I host Nobles' Club 1st time in my NC career :banana:!! We'll play with mighty Tokugawa then. Welcome if you feel interested :)!
    Would you like to play a Nobles' Club game with me, buddy? Its fun! You can call your friend Adam if he is interested too. By the way: I just noticed that Jary-Head doesn't answer in messages. She left from the forums? Hopefully not... And hey, did you have a happy Easter?
    Why did you want me to be your friend :confused:? Seems like only some, carefully chosen people can make their way trough to Coco's friend.. Why you wanted to be noobies mate? I can't even host NC!! :cry:. Well, I'm happy of course buddy!!
    Good ^^ Dutch commonwalth is happy :D I think it was how humaniking developed elecrticity , Paul uymmm somewhat (Revere is it ?) was plying with its toys xD
    Coco Hi ! ^^ God bless New York ! :) (previously known as New Amsterdam I think - figured out those Oranje colors hehe) Kiss "The Lady" of Liberty from me ^^ PS. Isn't Fargo a city in Dakota ?
    My dearest CoCo ! I am doing fine ^^ How R You ? Thank You for Your care but I can pillage still ^^ Tho my hand goeth busted some time ago I am still willing and able to pillage CFC grounds ^^ Wish You a very Best pillage and riches beyond imagination. Best Civs and Victory always ^^ Yours truly, love and kisses etc. Uncle Crook :)
    Go home, Adam, you're drunk. :lol: Bad memes aside, I'm doing just fantastic! How 'bout you? You haven't been on in a while, taking a break from civving?
    Hi CoCo ^^ I'm just feeling to say hi ! ^^ How R You my CoCo Brother ? ^^ How R U ? Seriously, no $hit , how R my buddy ? ^^
    Does your username happen to be inspired by Conan O'Brien and the nickname his fans gave him (IIRC), by any chance? :)
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