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Aug 12, 2020 at 6:39 PM
Jun 13, 2005
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Aug 12, 2020 at 6:39 PM
    1. Gen.Mannerheim
      So I'm probably not even gonna respond to that obvious bait thread unless somebody else does.
      1. Commodore
        I'm going to avoid it at all costs. Discussing anything with him is exhausting and never gets anywhere.
        Jun 12, 2017
    2. hobbsyoyo
      I've even mentioned you in the thread as I'm very interested in learning about all forms of self publishing and ways to get exposure to it. Just an FYI
    3. hobbsyoyo
      So long story short, the thread that got re-titled 'ways to increase exposure for my blog' due to a Xenoforo glitch was specifically made because I wanted to learn from your Youtube experiences and those of others. The thread was not a bragging platform, though with the new name it comes off like that.
    4. Snerk
      Not sure how you obtain it tbh as it's still in pre-alpha or something. But a lot of youtubers have it and it's awesome.
    5. Snerk
      You should do a game video based on "totally accurate battle simulator". I've been watching a ludicrous amount of game vids from that game lately.
    6. Snerk
      "EDIT: BTW Snerk, I'm working on that CFC roast video you asked for. Although, I don't think it's going to be as lighthearted as you may have been expecting. There's just no lighthearted way to say some of the things I want to say and I'm not going to hold back just to avoid hurting someone's feelings."

      Marvellous! And I have no need for it to be light-hearted! But keep in mind that perhaps not everybody would want their online persona talked about on a youtube channel. Basically, know your audience.
    7. Takhisis
      My avatar can take questions. :P
    8. Takhisis
      Mkkay, a date it is.
    9. Commodore
      About your avatar? No. In fact I was thinking of asking you if you could set me up on a date with it.
    10. Takhisis
      Have you gotten over these strange sensations of yours?
    11. Antilogic
      I think he's about an hour north of Cincinnati. He's a contractor with an industrial engineering company that does warehouse and supply chain management, and he's working on a project up there until the end of the year.
    12. Antilogic
      My brother is working there now. My family was all from the Youngstown area.
    13. Antilogic
      Whereabouts are you in Ohio?
    14. Takhisis
      It makes sense, thinking of it, common v. proper nouns. At least it follows some logic, unlike the one-or-two-spaces-after-full-stops debate.

      Thanks! :bow:
    15. Commodore
      As far as I've always understood it, you capitalize when you are speaking about a specific soldier of that rank. So the first two examples would be capitalized whereas the third example would be lowercase.
    16. Takhisis
      Hey, Commodore, I wanted to ask you about the use of military ranks in the US.
      When am I supposed to capitalise them and when am I supposed not to? E.g. (L/l)ieutenant Smith, the (L/l)ieutenant told me, I am a(L/l)ieutenant in the Army, etc.
      Is there any uniform rule?
    17. Gen.Mannerheim
      Peace through power!
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