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    Took the plunge to up my game

    You know, even if she doesn't want to talk to you, you can still pay her a visit and stare as long as you want.
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    It was an always peace deity game... I've never played anything higher than Prince (and I have enough trouble with that right now), and I wanted to see if I set it as a Cultural only game (the way I tend to win in any game), with the settings I mentioned previously, if I had any chance... and...
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    It's 2072 AD and you're bragging about your horse archers?
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    Obviously, I can't speak for the poster of this picture, but it is an earth map, and these cities look like they're fairly close to geographically accurate position.
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    They must have carved big holes in the Great Wall to get this aqueduct through...
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    I've been waiting for someone to say something like this...
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    But what if I stationed units at the top?
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    Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

    Just noticed this in my new game. Do you think that would help the wall's effectiveness?
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    A nice little challenge

    It took me a few times through to figure out the proper strategy to do this, but I finally did it tonight. Get the One City Challenge acheivement while simultaneously getting the acheivement to stick with Despotism the entire game. (I actually got a third, which was the Economic victory on...
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    Need help with 'Curse of the Drinking Class'

    I finally acheived this one tonight, mostly thanks to this thread... One thing that I found was missing was the SS pieces... If you reach that far, the space ship pieces increase production as well. Thanks for all the prior notes, though.
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    I was going to...

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    Forum too busy

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    Civ 4 patch

    Is there a quick way to determine if I have the patch installed on my computer? I don't remember if I actually installed the patch, but I know I downloaded it...
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    Favorite poets

    Poe, Shakespeare, Frost are my top 3 at the moment.
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