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    1. Antilogic
      Hey, been awhile since you have been around.

      What have you been up to?
    2. Whomp
      Thanks but I will have to pass.
    3. GhostWriter16
      Rand Paul is way more libertarian, both on economics and on everything else, than anyone that Cutlass would ever support.

      As for mental gymnastics, liberals believe the whole New Deal, "Positive rights" nonsense. I've honestly given up on trying to understand it. You can make up anything you want if you can make up rights out of thin air.

      As for people that actually matter, Walter Block claimed that Rand Paul, in his mind, is about 70% libertarian. Which is probably a little harsh, considering Block is a Rothbardian ancap, but is much closer than 3 out of 10. I could see myself to giving him an eight or nine out of ten, maybe 8.5.

      For Obama, on the other hand, we need negative numbers...
    4. GhostWriter16
      I've got to watch that video now:)

      From what I've heard Massie and Amash are both great.

      Rand is definitely smart, no doubt about that. I just hope power doesn't get to his head like it does to so many.

      I can tell you this, Rand Paul is the only Republican I'm voting for for President:p
    5. GhostWriter16
      I go back and forth between being thrilled with Rand and being disappointed. The neo-cons hate him so he's doing something right. But mainstream talk radio likes him... I genuinely wonder why.

      I definitely want Rand to get in in 2016, I'm just praying that he'll actually do the right thing once he gets in. We can't afford to wait 50 years to get rid of entitlements and end the wars, it needs to be done right now. We need a President who will at the very least dare to veto the budget, if not outright use his illegitimate executive power to tear the office down. I suspect Rand will compromise at least a little, seeing as he's done it before. I hope not too much...

      I know one thing, if Rand Paul doesn't somehow sneak in in '16, we're screwed...
    6. GhostWriter16
    7. Cryptic_Snow
      Hey Ghost have you read Jack Hunter's latest column? I think it hits the nail on the head concerning Ron, Rand, and the liberty movement going forward.

      On “Propagandizing” for Ron and Rand Paul
    8. GhostWriter16
      Rand just said that "An attack on Israel is an attack on the United States"

      I don't want to crucify him too much for that statement, as nobody is going to get elected President if they don't hold that view, and I'd still gladly vote for him, but he is most definitely not his dad.
    9. GhostWriter16
      Has Rand ever openly supported an end to drug prohibition? Ron was, of course, a constitutionalist, so he didn't really tell the states what to do directly, but he basically stated in a Republican primary debate that we don't need a law against heroin (I agree with Ron.) Has Rand ever openly taken the libertarian view on this issue?

      What do you mean by "Game of Chess"? I've seen people say things like that before about Rand. What's he trying to do?

      Most of LRC doesn't like Rand either, while they loved Ron. I'm not as radical as they are, so I wouldn't necessarily agree with them, but I'm kind of curious as to why if the views are the same.
    10. GhostWriter16
      Although Ron Paul wasn't very specific (He didn't want it to blow back at Rand) as far as I understand it, Ron was voting for Johnson for President, who although not perfect himself, was a far, far better choice than Romney. Then again, Ron also didn't have a career to protect at the time.

      Fair enough on tax increases.

      Regarding sanctions, I didn't say they were an act of war, Ron Paul did. I'm not sure what sanctions actually entail, but if all it is is that the government won't trade with another government, than I would not say that this is an act of war. If, however, we prohibited private American markets from trading with Iran (Like we are doing with Cuba) I would consider this much more of a serious issue. Either way, I know sanctions have caused a lot of pain and suffering in Iran, and I don't really see it as worth it. Rand should have voted no. But that may have been bad political strategy. I can't blame him too much.
    11. GhostWriter16
      I'm a pretty big fan of both Ron and Rand Paul, but I think Rand has made a few more questionable moves than Ron. It may be, however, that this just makes him smarter. He's also in the senate which may make things harder. I'd gladly vote for him, however. I'd vote for pretty much anybody who wants to balance the budget and end the wars, even if they missed the mark on some other points. Rand does better than this.

      Who did Ron endorse that was an absolute turd? I know he endoresed Reagan and regretted it. I'm not an expert on the Reagan Presidency, but I know he was good at rhetoric and not the best on policy. Even so, I'd take Reagan over GWB or Obama in a heartbeat. Rand endorsed the guy that "Loves Obama's foreign policy", initially created Obamacare, and didn't want to withdraw from Afghanistan.
    12. GhostWriter16
      I mean like his votes for sanctions on Iran (Ron Paul voted no, saying they were an "Act of War"), his endorsement of Mitt Romney, and his willingness to vote "Present" when the Democrats tried to raise taxes, hoping to make them pay for it later on. Ron Paul never voted for sanctions on anyone, never endorsed a Republican candidate since 1984, and has always voted "No" on any attempts to raise taxes.

      I have to look at Rand's youtube page. I have no doubt that Rand is the best senator in my lifetime, probably longer. It also seems to me that the Senate is where MOST people lose basically all the principle that they have. That Rand has limited himself to a few meaningless political gestures is encouraging. I am absolutely going to vote for him if he runs in 2016. I just hope he allows me to do so again in 2020:p
    13. GhostWriter16
      Just wondering, how much do you trust Rand?

      The thing I've always loved about Ron Paul, even before I became a libertarian, was his honesty. I could just listen to him and I'd instantly know where he stood on that topic. Ron Paul said he would sooner not sign a budget than sign an unbalanced budget, and I believe him.

      Rand is trickier to figure out. It seems that he holds his father's foreign policy for the most part (Pretty much a must, Gary Johnson was just BARELY acceptable in this area) but I've also seen him compromise quite a bit. To what extent do you think he'd do so in the White House?

      Rand is pretty much the only Republican I could vote for at this point (There are basically no democrats, maybe Kucinich under some very bizarre circumstances, but not in New York) so I absolutely support him for now, but I'm just curious what you think he'd do if he became President.
    14. MartinLuther
      There is another Group you should join called the Republicans.
      Would you consider supporting my campaign on the CCC, my political views are very close to that of Ron Paul.
    16. GhostWriter16
      The link is in my sig. Just apply to join and I'll let you in.
    17. GhostWriter16
      You'll get 100% agreement from me!:goodjob:

      Welcome to the team:)
    18. GhostWriter16

      Both liberals, not even being considered.

      We'll send you a link to a social group soon. We should be picking a candidate by the end of May, and then start campaigning for real:p

      Side question: Who were you backing in the GOP primary this year?
    19. GhostWriter16
      As a cross of both, I was a good candidate to appeal to both, but I'm not runnning again this year. We're trying to start early to get a core of supporters to elect a candidate to represent the conservatives, divide Fiftychat, and hopefully win. Would you be interested in helping in any way?
    20. GhostWriter16
      Annual tradition that NickyJ and I started last year, its essentially structured like a political election with CFC members running as President-Vice President and we set up a vote in the forum games section around September. Last year I ran as President with NickyJ as my VP and we did quite well, though the Fiftychat Coalition kicked our butts. Our goals this year are to once again combine all the conservative and libertarian posters we can into one coalition.
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