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  • Your China has about 950 million people in it in ~2009 statistics. NK - 24 million. Japan - 36 million...

    Run from there, I suppose.
    Do the actual numbers matter, considering you have so many turning them into lemmings might be a good long-term goal? :cry:
    Nope, it doesn't...

    Some of the Chinese provinces seemed to report 14-16% growth rate... So I'd say you're good.

    I'll have to add the pop later. :p


    Your Japanese territories give you 1.25 trillion.
    On NPC protectorates: probably not. You can certainly agree to actually protect an NPC however.
    514 billion - Guangdong
    156 billion - Fujian
    309 billion - Zhejiang
    436 billion - Jiangsu
    447 billion - Shandong
    95 billion - Jiangxi
    163 billion - Hubei
    139 billion - Anhui
    265 billion - Hennan
    100 billion - Shanxi
    233 billion - Hebei
    194 billion - Liaoning
    120 billion - Heilongjiang
    93 billion - Jilin
    70 billion - Inner Mongolia
    174 billion - Beijing
    110 billion - Tianjin
    202 billion - Shanghai
    211 billion - Hong Kong
    75 billion - Macau
    28 billion - NK
    3 billion - Russian territories

    Total - 4.137 trillion

    There. :p
    Alefurya alone - adding not only Germany's large economy but those of the annexed states and factoring in growth in Poland/the Czech Republic - produces like 7 trillion if I remember right...

    USSRK obviously must produce several trillion on its own and be one of the main economic powers.

    Cascadia and Mexico would both be very liberal... so one of them is bound to become socialist, the latter especially. We'll see if Owen agrees to my idea, however.
    Well I might be able to arrange Mexico being socialist... or at least pretty damned far-left. I am in charge of giving each NPC its own character, after all. :p

    Well I imagine... from my guess, we're probably the largest economy in the world, hovering around 9-10% of global GDP! Though Connecticut might take that position if CivG gets all of Pacifistan - meaning much of the former US' GDP.
    ...Hmm. What if the Mexican Empire was socialist? They'd be fairly left-wing at the very least I imagine... I think the USSRK would certainly consider them one of the better non-fully-Communist states. ;)
    yeah good point. its only an idea to be frank, and something to cheer myself up. if i do follow through, its a serious commitment.
    actually i was going to take care of Yugoslavia first. then ill take care of the caliphate, then Liberia and Ethiopia, then the two or three NPCs in south America, then focus on the ones in Asia.

    if i manage to do all this alone, then i probably de facto win the game.
    ive stated that i am isolating them and i may blockade them as well.

    and, for the NPCs in Asia ill need your help in erasing them form existence. since i dont think giving you every province to you is fair ill distribute it fairly.
    the Byzantine Republic agrees to completely isolate the two insane warmongering countries.

    oh yeah please note that we have a goal to destroy every NPC. i hope its ok.
    <Cull>: I'm related to God
    <pasi>: god's my dad
    <Cull>: God's my grandfather
    <pasi>: my dad could beat up your dad
    <Cull>: pasi is my dad
    Well umm... I dunno what to do with Korea's claims in Japan then... there are only a few pieces of it left... :confused:
    N. Korea, if you could, try not to expand into the Myanmar area too much. Tibetan Burgundy and I are already having trouble splitting it.
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