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  • N. Korea, I am willing to send scientists to teach you advanced farming technologies such as auto-irrigation if you are willing to give your people more freedom. This free technology would double your food production, thus rapidly bringing your nation up to First World status.
    I changed my mind, and S. Korea is no longer allowed into APATA. So join if you wish! (It comes with a defensive pact, so when - not if - S. Korea attacks, we'll all kill them.
    I offered S. Korea this ultimatum:

    "Due to your aggressive actions, I will take this step:

    If N. Korea wants to join and will only join if S. Korea hasn't joined, I will kick you out and let N. Korea join."

    So, if you want to join, you can, and I'll just kick S. Korea out.
    You might not be wanting to join ATAPA due to S. Korea being there. That's K with me, just explain on the thread.
    Roughly anything larger than New England sans Maine(in other words, all the US east of New York sans Maine) costs more than one point.

    I gave you six territories; you surround Beijing as a result. Only one cost more than 2 in my opinion; that would be the Manchurian one.

    I think I'll update without Omega... it's a bit unfair for one person to hold up the whole game.

    Besides, as his rival, I'm sure you approve. :mischief:
    Oh ho ho, it figures the two Koreas are the last guys we need before the update...

    To be extra-generous, I'll hold off until you guys make your claims for this second turn before moving onto turn three. Well, that or 24 hours passes with no response.

    So, get claiming parts of China. :p

    Ask questions about territory costs as always...
    Alright, I'll prepare for that... I'll also make sure no NPCs obstruct your expansionist path(I think 7 moderately-expanding NPCs is good enough anyway).

    Any ideas which combat system you would prefer when you launch attacks?
    Don't forget somebody claiming China and wanting to colonise you both... both Japan and China are the great imperialist aggressors. ;)

    Be ready for an unholy alliance at any time, I'd say.

    So, are you two mostly going to saber-rattle, or will actual war break out soon? My hair color wants to know. :p
    I suppose I'll just use per capita GDP for first world nations and apply that to your nation... would a just-recently First World category be good? Even with a cataclysm and 15 years of isolation, I dunno if NK would have become say, on par entirely with Europe and the USA. ;)

    Unless you kidnapped a bunch of First Worlders, and since you're NK, you can do that! :lol:

    What I will look forward to is the brawls between you and SK. In addition to those between the two Italies.
    Oh no, it's entirely your choice what you do with your nation. :)

    ...I'm just looking forward to the Math. ...mathematics, not the player. :mischief:
    I'll certainly join in if that happens :D Can you smell the Empire of Virginia? But I'd personally like a better combat system, say C&C Generals or Red Alert 3. I don't have this Flashpoint thing. You mind letting me know if there's a restart or anything? I like the concept.
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