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  • Would you like me to have the USSRK attack the Dutch territories that attacked you, so as to take full advantage of the counterattack bonus?
    I'll have to check about that 6 EP. Yes, I can extend the deadline. You spent a lot of money on military this turn, and hardly any on infrastructure, so your upkeep suffers with no buffer improvements. If you were to start an infrastructure project this turn, you'd recoup the losses.
    Lynch Gary. He really pisses me off. Every single game he's been in he has constantly whined about how much it sucked and that it bored him.
    2. they do own Byzantium. parts of it anyway. or did you completely forget that Byzantium was the Eastern Roman Empire, and sometimes considered to be Greek as well?
    1. yeah, and rebuild the area from scratch, not to mention rebuild the government while trying not to collapse, etc. real small.

    2. uh..how about no. older claims to the region is better. thus it will go to Byzantium, Bulgaria, and Russia. in that order.
    1 you misunderstood me. again. if someone deciades to launch a nuke directly next to edirne province (to eliminate bulgaria), Edirne province or worse, Constantinople itself would be obliterated.

    2. before that. it was historically roman territory until around 700 AD.
    cull the reasons why i want Bulgaria are these:

    1. it puts Constantinople some distance away, thus ensuring that a war will never affect Constantinople, unless someone is invading me.

    2. Bulgaria was historically part of Byzantium for quite some time.

    3. it gives me more of Europe so i can definably Qualify to be a European power, not just a middle east one.

    4. it'll be harder to cut off land access to Greece.
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