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    Stability Collapse sudden, arbitrary and not at all fun

    There is a detailed stability manual in the civilopedia. However, nobody read it, but it is! USSR Now collapse to core area is for the great empires, if they didn't outlive their historical date of death. It's a gaming abstraction, and it's not the only. I think, that total collapse means not...
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    Is it Possible to Take Over the World?

    Wow, I didn't know about this effect. Could you answer some questions? 1. Do cottages outside core that are worked by core cities count? 2. Do cottages outside core that are worked give overexpansion? Yes. Even if cottages count as 1 pop the profit from farms is more, because their production...
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    Civilisation Attributes open discussion

    Well, I think it's a good goal, but maybe it's better to rename it? Although, I cannot think up better name. By the way, a player as Rome can prevent Byzantine spawn; as Khmer - Thai spawn. Maybe it's good idea to let a player to prevent Prussian spawn as HRE, and, after Sumerian introduction...
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    Civilisation Attributes open discussion

    But Akkadians were a Semite people, not Sumerian. It is quite strange to give Sumeria the goal which reflects their conquerors, isn't it?
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    Is it Possible to Take Over the World?

    Technically, that is possible now even as a civilization with a very narrow core, but near the coast. World Wonder Sidney Opera House can be built only in coastal cities and gives additional food for excess happiness in city where it is built. So each transhumanism technology adds 1 :) and 1...
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    My city have emigrated to America!
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    You're not in Krasnodar any more Dorothy...

    What about getting 5 vassals? You can force to surrender required quantity civs.
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    [Development] Map Suggestions

    In this case, what about a resource called Generic Landfood? :D
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    Harappa Strategy Guide

    It was quite difficulty, but I won Harappan UHV on Paragon/ Marathon in 1.16! On Paragon it is no time to explore many technologies, so I finished Pastoralism, Sailing, Tanning, Seafaring and Masonry (I explored them in this order. Yes, I didn’t explore Property and adopt Despotism, but I had...
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    What specific cities cause ottoman spawn now? (and does playing turks change anything?)

    By the way, about Ottomans. They don't have to respawn, if they didn't spawn?
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    Favorite civ to play ahistorically?

    Jewish Babilonia is my favorite. Conquering all India as Harappa is fine too.
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